Events: I Got A Job

Friday, August 26, 2011

August 25: I got a job. Earlier, I listed the name of the place I'm working, but in the interest of being a respectful employee who doesn't break the company's policies/procedures, I've removed the name and will simply direct you to this website. I will be a buyer, meaning that I appraise the secondhand clothing (and shoes and jewelry and bags and scarves, etc.) that's brought in to the store and then purchase it for resell. I'll also be doing regular retail job type things -- helping customers, ringing up transactions, cleaning, dressing mannequins, cleaning, etc. I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS JOB. It's exactly what I hoped for when we moved to the Seattle area, in that it allows me to work with people, in a fun environment, getting to know a little more about apparel and style. This is a completely new professional direction for me, and I couldn't be happier.

New goal: be mega-awesome at this job.


  1. Oh, Sara, you'll be FABULOUS at this job!

  2. oh wow, i didn't realize you lived in seattle, isn't the weather gorgeous this week?! i love this city...and congrats on the job! i used to shop at the Buffalo Exchange in the U district all the time.


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