LOVE WEEK: First Kiss Story

Friday, February 18, 2011

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I had my first kiss in 2005, on the day of high school graduation (well, actually, the night immediately following). There was this boy I liked; we had held hands a few weeks before, while riding on a yellow school bus on the way back from a choir competition. So dreamy.

So, graduation night. He picked me up at my house and we went for a drive. I calculated things oh-so-perfectly. See, I knew this one spot a few miles from my house, where a lone tree was growing on the edge of a hayfield, and I had long since decided that it would be the perfect spot for a first kiss. I casually directed him there. We hung out and talked-talked-talked for several hours. This was in the days when not all teenagers had cell phones, and neither of us had one, so we felt blessedly cut off from everything. I was supposed to be at the Grad Night festivities by this time, so we eventually decided to take off. But there, somewhere close to midnight, under the stars and the branches in an isolated hayfield, we each had ourselves a small helping of first kiss. Oo la la.

Oo. La. La.

As first kisses tend to be, it wasn't entirely smooth or entirely good. It was the first for both of us, after all, and we had no idea what we were doing. Still, I'd crossed that particular threshold, and we had ourselves a pathetic but highly-emotional summer romance that ended a few weeks before I left for college. Not a forever kind of love, to be sure, but it still stands as the best first kiss story I've had (duh) and the best I've heard.

But hey, don't let me have all the glory. What do you remember about your first kiss?


  1. It two weeks before my 16th birthday, and I was determined to have my first kiss. I told myself if it doesn't happen before I'm 16, I'm gonna go out there and get it! But then, me and my best friend skipped school to go to a demonstration against the closure of the local coal mine, and from the other side of the street, we stared at a few handsome young miners who kept a fire burning. After literally hours of staring, we managed to walk past them, and one of them asked me out for later that afternoon. He was 17 and had a motorbike. I was so nervous. We made out on a park bench all afternoon :-) When we said goodbye, he played it cool, saying that he "might call me". I flat-out refused to call him, and guess what? The next day, he called my house several times before I had even gotten back from school, haha. My mom told him when I'd be home, and he called the next minute. I only met him again once for a date, and then broke things off, as I wasn't ready for a relationship. He smoked Luckies, and I can still distinguish the smell of Luckies from any other brand - although I never smoked.

  2. Haha that's the cutest post ever! My first kiss was so gross I wanted to shoot myself. I think I was about 14 (late bloomer, I know) and I was like "EW NEVER AGAIN" haha but that didn't stick too well hmmm.

  3. Ah, mine had nothing to do with hay or trees. Instead it was at a Blue Light Disco. I was 12. There were about 6 couple all lined up in a row, slow dancing. My friend (in the next couple over) turned to me and said "I wonder who'll go first..." to which I said "first at wha--" and found myself being kissed. He was my cousin's friend and a year older. I'd had a crush on him for ages.

    But such things are not made to last. I broke up with him at the next disco after he wiped his nose on my shirt...

  4. I can hardly believe but I completely blanked when I read the question. I mean, who forgets their first kiss, right? Of course, I remember who it was with and the general timeframe: I was 18 and just finished my freshman year. He was 28 (crazy, right? But I was very mature for my age -- ha!) and my first boyfriend. I think we might have been outside his house in L.A. after a Dodger game, and lasted all of 3 seconds before I pulled away. I for sure remember the 3 second thing, but everything else is kind of hazy. It was certainly no lone tree in a hayfield :)


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