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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Necklace: Wal-Mart, $5
Striped thermal: Old Navy, $8
Vest: BDG brand, $9 (secondhand)
Ring: Kohl's, $15 (2007)
Jeans: Old Navy, $20 (2007)
Boots: gift from mom

I've been noticing lately that A LOT of my clothes are on the cool side - not "cool" as in "My best friend is so cool," but "cool" as in greens, blues, purples, and grays in washed-out tones. Today is an example of that fact. Here are some others from the past month:


Blue, green, and purple have always been really flattering colors for me, and I don't want to fight the stuff that looks good, the stuff I've been attracted to since I was a little kid. What I would like to change is the dark and/or washed-out tones that populate my closet as of now. Instead of powder blue, why not turquoise? Why not go for magenta instead of lavender? This is where I'd like to add more variety in my wardrobe, and if it hadn't been for this blog forcing me to take pictures of myself each day, I wouldn't have even noticed this little habit. The internet has saved me yet again.

We're about to head into the Winter 30x30 challenge, and along with it, a shopping hiatus, so I won't be picking up any super-bright new pieces in the immediate future. However, this is something I'll be keeping an eye out for, and as I see possible gaps in my wardrobe, I'll do my darnedest to seek out bright pieces to fill those gaps.

I gave milkmaid braids a try today. Can you dig it? I don't think my hair is quite long enough or thick enough for it to have the appropriate impact, but it was worth a shot.

And now, a parting shot for the ages.


  1. My closet is the same way! Green and blue are my favorite colors, so I always go for those if I have the choice. (Plus, us redheads look sooo good in green! Why wouldn't I choose it?) In the future, I want to add some brighter, warmer colors like red and yellow and hot pink and orange (I'm feeling adventurous), etc.

    I really do like this outfit, though. Even if it is cool colors! Those boots are fantastic!

  2. You are adorable! I think I am the complete opposite of you in that I have a bunch of warm colors in my wardrobe - I love pinks and purples and think they look so much better on me than blues and greens! But they look great on you.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  3. You are super adorable! I love your hair...and I think that redheads do look really good in cool colors! Best of luck on your are a super I think you'll be awesome!

  4. Redheads unite! =) Yeah, those are for sure the best colors for my skin tone, but day after day it can get a little boring. I adore red and some shades of pink as well. Just need to inject a little brightness.

    Kristine, I'm tempted to raid your closet sometimes (don't give me your address - it will be better for both of us). You're my brightness inspiration!

    Ramsey, thanks! My red hair is like the best accessory I've ever come across. It's fading like mad, though; I need to dye it in the next week or so. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement! Really looking forward to your 30x30 looks as well (am I remembering right that you're participating?).

  5. You're so cute! I love your breton stripes and milkmaid braids. It definitely had the appropriate impact. Can't wait to check back on your 30x30 outfits. :)

    -Simple Subtle Style

  6. My wardrobe is mostly blues, greens and purples too... it's hard to get out of that comfort zone! I'm trying to add more yellows, reds and oranges, but it's not working.

    Love the milkmaid braids, and can't wait to follow your 30x30!


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