MeWriMo: Thirteen Days Worth (That's So Many Days)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 4: Document Something Old

I took pictures of a very small percentage of the things that I got secondhand (meaning from thrift stores, from consignment shops, hand-me downs from my mom or from friends, etc.).

shirts and sweaters

purses, hats, belts, jewelry, scarves

Day 5: Document Something New
(This one is a total stretch.)

The newest news in my life is that Craig and I have been assigned to be part of a dance festival for church. (Assigned, not called -- although we were asked if we would accept the assignment.) It's evidently going to be a multi-stake situation, really huge, happening in May, and we ... will have something to do with it. We don't know what. But okay. It will be a lot of scenes like this:

Including tye-dye.

Day 6: Document Art

I have a folder in my Google Reader called "art inspiration," so here are some images from that. I really gotta get going on making my own art again.

Day 7: Document Autumn

Day 8: Document Something Funny

This is firmly in the category of "funny because it's true." I found it here.

Day 9: Document Inspiration

I snagged this quote from the Flickr photoset "Thanks, Oprah!" 

Day 10: Document Your Coffee Break

I don't drink coffee, so pass. BUT: I will say that a Dollar Tree location recently opened up right across the street from my workplace, and so Dollar Tree is the new official sponsor of my lunch breaks. And I'm glad about that.

Day 11: Document Your Favorite Shoes

woven leather loafer-like shoes, Naturalizers brand, secondhand from Value Village, $8

Who can choose their favorite shoes without any second-guessing? I'm not sure that my choice is really the top pair out of all my pairs, but they are pretty close. These ones are mega-comfortable, as well as cute/stylish in a "my grandma or grandpa might wear these" sort of way. They're also the newest shoes in my closet (newest to me -- they were probably made in the 80s).

brown and black leather riding boots, Laredo brand, secondhand from Junk in My Trunk, $1

The runners-up: these Laredo riding boots that I found on the best thrifting day of my life. These are boots that were probably $100+ dollars originally and can be bought on eBay and other such places for $40-$60 ish. I found them for $1. They fit wonderfully, are super tough-looking, and they work with so many outfits. I'll never, ever get rid of them.

Day 12: Document the Highlight of Your Day

I watched the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" today. It's been in my Netflix Instant Queue for a while, and it just seemed like the right fit for my morning of washing dishes and picking up dirty socks from the floor. What a great film! Bill Cunningham is a very well-respected photographer in the world of fashion, yet he is the most understated, salt of the earth sort of guy. He lives this incredibly pared-down life in New York City, and his whole focus is on documenting interesting, notable clothes. Because he loves them. It was a very inspiring and sweet film. Highly recommended for those who like documentaries. Or clothes. Watching Bill at work sincerely made me want to change the way I live my life, and it also made me feel like I can change the way I live my life, and there aren't many things in this world that I can say that about.

Day 13: Document Hopefulness

Just an excuse to share this picture from about a month ago. That's my husband, along with our niece and nephew (Sydney and Wes), on the banks of the Puget Sound. Also, speaking of hopefulness, I've gotta list a few songs that are making me feel pretty jazzed and hopeful lately.

Day 14: Document a Friend

I don't often talk about Craig as my "best friend." It's partly just an issue of titles, titles that best describe a person's relationship to me. I would say that there are probably five people who are my "best friends" -- Craig, my mom, Chelsea, Jesus, and myself. Do I call all of them "my best friend"? Not usually. Craig gets the title of "husband," my mom gets the title of "Mom," Jesus has lots of very obvious titles, and I don't really need a title to explain my own relationship to myself. By default, the title of "best friend" is usually saved for Chelsea. If I were to call her "my former roommate," that wouldn't be a title that really described our relationship. Similarly, if I were to call Craig "my best friend" and introduce him that way, it would probably be a little strange to say later on, "Oh, also, I'm married to him."

That was such a digression from the real point.

The real point is this: even though I don't talk about it often, Craig is a best friend of mine. These days, with our recent move to Seattle and our isolated-ness from many of the people we'd call "friends," our reliance on the friendship parts of each other has become more and more and more. We almost only have each other to talk to about our days, our sore muscles, our thoughts about music, our food cravings. I love that I married someone who was firmly my friend before we ever got together -- and not just any friend, but one of the most supportive and intimate friends of my entire life.

Day 15: Document Your Commute

This one was taken at the Renton Transit Center, waiting for the bus doors to open. That's my bus in the foreground (or, rather, one of the three buses I take in order to get to work).

Also on my commute that day, this ad was on the side of that same bus:

They are Mormons. And so am I. But four million bucks says I never get a bus ad. No worries -- here's my profile anyway.

Day 16: Document a Life

This is the "life" of our trip from Utah to Washington, the journey of our move. The pictures I chose are slanted to allow for the most cute possible, so there are several images of our niece Audrey.

the UHaul truck and our car behind it - Idaho Falls

Audrey wearing a "hat" made out of her dad's arm sling - Idaho Falls

Tyler, Janna, and Audrey, on a walk - Idaho Falls

Audrey with Uncle Craig, at Tyler's soccer game - Idaho Falls

Audrey watching "Bubble Guppies," with her monkey and alligator - Idaho Falls

Megan & Kent's house - Spokane
(we had buckets of fun with those two, but all the pictures were lame, sooo ... you just get this one)

pictures from our drive through Washington

at home in our new apartment, nesting by painting the living room purple

And finally ... pictures of what I wore. Please hold your applause.

I've liked a lot of my outfits over the past few weeks, but I've forgotten to take pictures/haven't been able to because of the rain. No matter. Onward.


  1. This is an inconsequential comment, but your drive was a lot prettier than ours. Surprise.

  2. That IS so many days. I had to save the post for a long morning in bed, which have been sorely lacking in my life lately. 1. I didn't know you make art -- well, no, maybe I didn't know about the book art you've made. But I'd like to hear more. 2. You make me miss the Northwest. 3. What an exciting new "assignment" -- please document further, especially the tye-dye. 4. I want to watch that documentary now.


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