Possessions: My Left-Hand Rings

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How 'bout that hand of mine, eh? That is one strange angle

Anyhoo, this is my left hand, featuring three rings that I wear often.

Ring Finger: Wedding Ring

Craig gave me this ring when we got engaged in May of 2008, and I have loved it nonstop. My wedding ring is something I contemplated for a lot of years (roughly since the age of seven), and my mind changed somewhat in terms of how I wanted it to look. Small Sara loved all things Native American, so naturally, I wanted a turquoise wedding ring. I eventually moved on to wanting a diamond, thought it HAD. TO. HADTO. be a princess-cut solitaire stone on a thin, white-gold band. At some point in high school, I became enamored with the idea of having a sapphire wedding ring instead, and that's where my preference remained. As Craig and I planned our wedding and our future together, we talked about how both of our wedding rings would look, and Craig used those conversations to design my ring. Having a sapphire has definitely been a hot topic through the years, with plenty of strangers ooh'ing and ahh'ing over what an original thinker my husband must be to have come up with a ring like that. Yeah, he did good.

Middle Finger: Austin TX Ring

I picked up this ring at the Buffalo Exchange in Austin, Texas. It's sterling silver with little turquoise beads (pretty sure they're just synthetic beads and not the real thing).

Index Finger: Feather Ring

This ring also came by way of Buffalo Exchange, though this one was in my home store in Seattle. It features an oval turquoise stone, a little red coral, and a silver feather detail. This is one I'll definitely have forever (unless I pass it down to some lucky daughter, granddaughter, or niece).

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