30x30: Preschool Uniform

Thursday, February 10, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Polo shirt: Aeropostale, $10
Blue wrap sweater: Maurice's, $15
Pants: thrifted, $0.56
Boots: Laredo boots (thrifted), $1

Necklace: Kohl's, $3

It's another sick day for my dear sweet husband, and so far, I've visited the grocery store three times in a 24-hour stretch. Important to stock up on supplies, see. We've been devouring Club crackers and watching old episodes of "Friends" all day.

Outfit-wise, I feel like a preschool teacher. Must be these bright pants and the ratty polo shirt, perfect for being touched by grubby little hands. My pink pants were one of my famed 56 cent steals from about a month ago, and I just fall more in love with them all the time. I think I'll be whipping out some sewing skills and turning them into skinnies, hopefully before the 30x30 is over. (Psst: my one-dollar boots were from the same thrifting trip. That was a seriously good day.)

This necklace is also very reminiscent of the big beads and yarn that little kids use to practice their fine motor skills. Should I put some strategically-placed fingerpaint on my face, just to complete the look? Actually, I took a lot of childcare and child development classes in college. Preschool isn't too far a stretch for me. But I do wonder how taking care of kids - my own or otherwise - will change the way I dress. Will I go for different colors, more resilient fabrics?

What do you think, moms and teachers? How has becoming a parent/working with kids changed your style choices?


  1. I don't have kids or work with kids, but I love your outfit, especially the necklace. I don't think preschool teacher, I think cute colorful outfit.

  2. It's hard to keep a style when you have younger children. It's so hard to manage your time & find time to clean yourself up. Honestly, that is my struggle right now. Stepping out of the box and being more than just a mom & wife. I'd love to get some of my individuality back! You look great though. I do love those pants & you really put together a great color combo here. I'm going right now to read your previous .56 blog, I missed that one!!!

  3. I'm a preschool teacher and no, it hasn't changed the way I dress! Haha! I wear any appropriate clothing I feel like wearing, the colorful outfits especially. Most of our stuff are water based and come off easily, though I do have an apron at work. Most teachers at my school wear the closest thing to a smock that they can wear but that's them. For me, clothes are meant to be worn. If not to work, where else would I wear my clothes (besides the weekend)?

    I love your .56 cent pants! Great color. I once got a .47 cent pair of pants from an Old Navy outlet store but they were just regular pants. Nothing as fabulous as yours! Skinnying it would be a great idea!

    Books and Looks

  4. Cute outfit, and I LOVE the pants! Thanks for posting on the thrifted thursday :)

  5. What great thrift finds! I love seeing how you style those pants - they are so unique!

  6. I love the bold colors you have going on here. I get why you think you look like a preschool, but you don't look like a "preschool" teacher!
    When I taught I thought I needed to dress the part, but that lasted only a couple of days before I came to my senses. I wore clothes that fit my style and just had a "bubble" (arm's length circumference) around me and I told the kids not to pop the bubble. Ok, that sounds mean, but it wasn't, the kids thought it was hilarious, and took every opportunity to pop it.
    When I became a mom, the first year was spent in junky clothes around the house, but I carried lots of burp cloths when we went out because there was no way I was going to wear slobby clothes out in public. I think becoming a parent only affects your style if you let it. There are plenty of way to dress according to your style while still being able to function. Plus, if a woman is into clothes and fashion, and feels better when she attends to her dress then she should do it. Cuz, if Mama ain't happy then nobody is happy!

  7. Yaaay for colorful pants club! haha. No really, loooove the colors put together here. I love brights.

    And thank you soooo much for passing along the award to me, and for visiting my little blog. Thank you!


  8. again, my color in my wardrobe, sucks, big time. hahaha! i love the pants!


  9. I love your outfit, and the necklace is amazing, and you're so dead on -- made me think of the beads I played with when I was a child. People will be flocking out to copy that look. Love the cobalt blue tile wall. Now, if you could only have it follow you the entire day, you'd really be cool.

    Your look is colorful, fun, chic, and cheap (money wise!!!) and I love that! Thanks for hookin' up with me. I hope you hope more people tune in -- you are truly inspiring!

  10. Not a mom or teacher, so I cant answer, but ..but I envy that dark salmon pants. Great color combination! And 0.56cents! I want one too! Happy remixing girl!


  11. awwww MAN! Those pants are thrifted??!!!

    I REALLY wanted to find out where you got them from - they look zaaahmazing. That's right. zaaaa. And then some.

    Love the bright colors in your outfit. Would definitely make me cheerful to wear something similar!

    And PS

    I love your pants.

  12. SOOOOOO cute! I LOVE those pants!!!


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