Christmas-turned-Graduation Present

Friday, December 17, 2010

My husband got to open one of his Christmas presents last night, nine whole days before Christmas. His eyes lit up when he ripped off the paper and saw this baby:

That's right -- it's a banana chair, ergonomically-designed and perfect for a classy home like ours. This one even has speakers in the headrest (so he won't just hear the music -- he'll ROCK OUT to it) and a volume control knob on the side. His wildest video-game-relaxation dreams just came true.

The reasoning behind this pre-Christmas Christmas gift? Number one, we're driving to my parents' house for Christmas (about four hours away), and this particular gift was too heavy and large for me to justify taking along with us, especially since their house already has enough places to sit down; a banana chair wouldn't be of any special use to anyone. Number two, I thought he deserved a little prize for finishing his last Finals Week ever. That's right. As of 7:30-ish last night, he has completed school and I'm married to a college grad. Soon, we'll both have framed diplomas to admire and funny graduation caps to wear when we're feeling goofy. What's more, the world is our oyster! We can go practically anywhere, do practically anything.

For now, though, I'm just gonna hang out on the couch. It's pretty cold outside.

1 comment:

  1. you win best wife status. my hubby would love that chair. if we had a game room tucked out of sight maybe he'd get one too;)
    congrats on the last final too!!! one of the best feelings ever.


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