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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I seem to go through this never-ending cycle: discover an online shop I love, peruse it frequently, eventually get excited about some other online haunt, and forget about the original website. A few months later, as though it's the work of some cosmic matchmaker, I somehow stumble upon the online shop once more and it's love at second sight.

This pattern has held true with Fred Flare, a store based in New York, specializing in apparel, accessories, decor -- okay, specializing in everything. How I ever forgot this gem is beyond me, but whatever; it was nice to be reacquainted. Like my typical self, I headed straight for the SALE section and found these goodies:

Kensington Spy Girl Trench (on sale for $79.99) - is anyone else reminded of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"? Get this girl a beret to throw.

Autumn Champagne Necklace (on sale for $19.99) - this would be perfect against a bold red top or dress, especially with the hair done up and away from the neck.

Lace-Up Gettysburg Booties (on sale for $33.99) - a zipper that you lace-up instead? Clever, clever.

Bayous & Blossoms Cargo Coat (on sale for $39.99) - this army-fatigues color has really been catching my eye lately.

Fringe Cristos Jackette (on sale for $69.99) - an item like this is so great for that "I didn't even try to look awesome; it just happened naturally" kind of vibe. (Bonus: in this case, you really WOULDN'T have to try.)

Gold Stretch Myrtle Watch (on sale for $15.99) - size-wise, this strikes the perfect balance; it's neither flimsy nor clunky.

And just for fun, here's something from elsewhere at Fred Flare (i.e. the non-SALE section). The Creative Writing major in me is yearning, folks - seriously, yearning. And it looks to be pretty reasonably priced, too!

No Plot No Problem Novel-Writing Kit ($20.95) - have you ever tried to write a novel? Because it's hard. If this kit can help produce even a single chapter, it's well worth the purchase price.

Take a looksie and find your own flare. Heck, start a FIRE with that flare. It's gonna be hot.

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