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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Necklace: borrowed from my mom
Shirt: secondhand Downeast Outfitters brand, $3.50 from thrift store
Watch: Roxy brand, gift
Shorts: Target, $14
Sandals: Downeast Outfitters, $12

This past week, I visited my family in St. George, Utah for a very exciting event: my brother's wedding! He and his new wife threw a great preception (a reception that happens before the wedding) and dance party, along with the marriage ceremony and family luncheon on Saturday. It was a tremendous occasion, and I'm so happy to see Britt and Abbie beginning this new part of their lives together. They've been together nearly as long as my husband and I have been together, so this eternal union of theirs has been a long time coming.

Of course, THIS outfit is not what I wore for the wedding or any of its official festivities. Luckily. I wore this on Thursday for a few preparatory events - pedicures and manicures with the ladies, floral arranging and the like. The weather in St. George is overwhelmingly hot and dry, so I dressed to accommodate that as best I could.

You'll notice that I have some co-stars in my pictures here. I grew up in a home where baby deer, baby sheep, and baby cows were frequent guests, and that pattern continues to this day. These four calves are residing in a makeshift corral next to my parent's house, and they are so sweet. Grown cows are skittish and boring, I think, but young ones are excited to see you and demand to be petted the way puppies and kittens do.

This one is eating my shorts!

Plinky is a site I visit sometimes to scrounge up interesting questions, and the one posted yesterday was, "Do you blog? Why or why not?" You're reading this right now, so obviously, I do. I've been compulsively drawn to blogging since 2005, when I first knew what the word meant, and I've started and abandoned lots of blogs within that time. I sense that that's poor form in terms of internet manners, but so be it. As for why ... I guess the simple answer is that I'm really interested in myself. I find most people very, very interesting; this is why I'm so drawn to reality TV and personal blogs alike, as they reveal people's experiences and hearts with little filtering. Essentially, I write a blog and I read lots of blogs for the same reason: I love people (and I'm "people" too).

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