34 Weeks In

Friday, May 17, 2013

My last blog update was at 21 weeks, and since then, things have progressed marvelously. Our baby (a boy! we're calling him Soren!) is very much into martial arts and interpretive dance, judging from all the crazy movements I feel from him 'round the clock. Some general updates for the general public, in the form of questions I get asked really often:

How have you been feeling?

Pretty great! I've had some heartburn and fatigue and bodily discomfort, to be sure, but things have been really mild and easy to deal with.

When are you due?

Officially speaking, I'm due on June 29th. Anytime from June 15th to July 13th will be in an acceptable range, though first-time moms do tend to go a few days over their due dates (and I imagine that will be the case for me).

Are you gaining enough weight?

I am! I've gained about 30 pounds so far.

How's Craig doing with all this? Is he excited to be a dad?

He is indeed! While I wouldn't say that he's impatient (mostly because he's a really laid-back guy in general), he does feel like I've been pregnant forever, and I haven't found a way to impress upon him how CLOSE the delivery actually is. Which is fine; I don't feel like he needs to see things the same way I do. He will be so great as a dad (mostly because he's so great as a person).

Have you decided on a name yet?

We are going to give our little fella the name Soren. It's Danish, and its meaning pretty much revolves around the idea of "strength" (fierce, brave, etc.). A middle name is still up in the air, and I don't think we'll have that pinned down until he's actually born.

Do you have all the stuff you need?

I think so ... ? I mean, not quite. We still need to buy a car seat, and there is not a diaper or a baby wipe to be found in this apartment, but we have a bassinet and a swing and clothes and pacifiers and SO MANY BLANKETS and lots of other supplies.

Are you ready for the birth itself? Excited, scared?

The answer you'll get to this one depends on the day you ask it. I sometimes feel totally confident and peaceful about giving birth, and other times, I feel very overwhelmed and afraid. Something I read in Birthing from Within has been on my mind for months -- that ignoring/not acknowledging your fears means you think they're stronger than you are. That was a huge AHA! for me. I've wondered before if thinking and talking about my fears would allow them to become stronger, but that idea doesn't seem right to me any longer. Instead, I feel really good about addressing the things that scare me. Because I'm strong enough. Fwuhbam.

Craig and I have taken some Hypnobirthing classes to prepare for labor and delivery. It's been really beneficial to learn some breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques, and I think those tools will be great during birth. Is there still room for fear? Definitely. But it doesn't really take over my thought process. I feel as ready for birth as I can possibly be. My midwives have been so great; they've instilled a great sense of calm and confidence in me. Knowing that I'll be able to give birth at the birth center (barring any special or unforeseen circumstances) brings me a lot of happiness.

Both of the sisters-in-law that I mentioned in my last post have had their babies. Ruth (Natalie's daughter) is about three months old, and Benson (Abbie's son) was born just two weeks ago. Baby fever! Seeing these little ones -- in person or via Instagram -- has made me ever-more-excited to meet Soren. Will he have hair? What shape will his eyes be? Will he have a button nose, a strange birthmark, long fingers and toes? What will he sound like when he cries? THESE ARE THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, PEOPLE! =) I'm very anxious to learn the answers.

What about after the birth?

The post-partum time will be a big adventure. We are planning to move to Utah about two weeks after Soren's arrival, and since we don't know exactly when that will be, there are some unknown variables. There will be plenty of adjustments with breastfeeding, sleep, and all the other baby things, on top of extended family interactions, packing, moving, and building a new life in a new place. Utah is home for both of us, and we'll have lots of family and friends in the area, so that's a comfort. To be honest, though, the unknown-ness and unpredictability of the few months after the baby's born is much more stressful to me than the birth itself.

Any stretch marks? How's your belly button looking?

No stretch marks yet, but my belly button has changed from an innie to an outie.

How about cravings?

A few -- banana bread, hamburgers, cucumbers, strawberries, string cheese, potato chips, chocolate-covered raisins. I've been wanting really good watermelon since day one of this pregnancy, but I haven't actually eaten any. Coming up to the summer months will hopefully change that. I plan to bring a few containers of watermelon slices along with me to the birth itself.

(I think that about covers it. Comments are open for any questions I didn't address here.)


  1. Love the name Soren! It was my number 1 pick for a boy by far! I actually didn't know the meaning of it, but Soren Kierkegaard was such a pivotal figure in my faith development that I thought I ought to name a child after him. I'm so glad things are progressing so smoothly! What city are you moving to?

  2. Deciding on the name Soren has made me more interested in Kierkegaard! So I guess I'm coming at it from the opposite direction. =) The exact city isn't nailed down, though it'll probably be in the greater SLC area. Much remains to be figured out!

  3. Soren is such a lovely name! Not long to go now! I gave birth in a midwife led birth centre too, it was great! I never really thought about the birth too much, I just kind of thought I'll deal with it when i get to it, and that's what happened, it was fine.

    Also, we sold and bought and moved house 4 weeks after the birth (admittedly not the same as moving state). I was so caught up in the breastfeeding and the new babyness that i didn't even get to stressed out about it. I had been so worried about everything prior to the birth, but after I was really relaxed, weird!

  4. So great to read this!!!!
    Good luck with the birth, I hope it's everything you hope it to be and I can't wait to read about your experience.
    And good luck with the move afterward (seriously, we're trying to do it at 3 months and I'm still scrambling).
    There is a part of me that still misses being pregnant SO much, I love being able to live vicariously through your words :)


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