Short Pregnancy Footnotes

Monday, June 24, 2013

Things I really like about being pregnant

- Clear skin
I don't know how pregnancy hormones work or why they're so wildly different for everyone, but in my case, they made my face look better than it has since I was ten. I've maybe had two or three very minor pimples in the past nine months, as compared to the normal chin-pimple-'splosion that I had constantly for the fifteen years prior. I imagine the acne will return eventually ... and that will be a sad day. But I've appreciated this little break.

- No menstruating
Because, obviously. That is a serious plus.

Post-pregnancy things I'm looking forward to

- Use of my abdominal muscles
I didn't realize how often I used my abs for simple tasks, like rolling over in bed. Or sitting down. Or standing up. Or crouching. I am excited for a return to normalcy in that department.

- Getting dressed in my old clothes
I packed up about 75% of my clothing in January and February, knowing that I wouldn't be wearing those things anytime soon, and I am SO EXCITED to unpack those boxes and come up with new-old outfits that don't have to work around the bump. I love the bump, I love the baby that's caused the bump, and I've loved dressing the bump. But post-bump time will be good also.

- Unswollen feet and hands
I miss wearing rings.


  1. You always wear such fabulous and adventurous rings -- it's hard to picture you without them! I'm glad for this update since this very day, I was thinking I wonder when baby is coming and how you are doing. Now I know: no acne and menstruating, so very good :)

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