Plans: My Future Haircuts

Monday, August 6, 2012

A brief hair history:

My hair is blond and naturally curly/wavy. Over the course of a year or so when I was a teenager, I dyed it reddish-brown, then brown-brown, then blond again. This took a big toll in terms of drying out my hair and making it less lustrous (and lustrous is the name of the hair game, folks). To remedy the sad hair problem, I first cut my hair a little, then a lot to get rid of the most damaged stuff. It continued to grow in blonde and curly. A few years passed, at which point I dyed it bright red (in a fit of self-determination), then maroon-ish red, then dark brown. That's where things stand right now.

As naturally-light hair grows on a head of hair that's been significantly colored, the light roots next to the darkened portion can have the effect of making it look like the person is balding. This makes it all the more obnoxious to have to color and re-color every 4-6 weeks, at least in my experience; stretching out the time between dye jobs isn't as carefree as it might be if I had naturally dark hair that I'd chosen to lighten.

So, I can keep dying my hair really frequently, but that gets expensive and time-consuming and against my nature. I could also have my hair lightened so that the whole shebang was light blond, but that would essentially wreck my already very dry and intrinsically-fragile hair. For now, I've decided to embrace the kookiness of skunk hair, letting my blond roots grow in without doing anything about it.

And I'm doing this because I have a game plan. It involves a carefully crafted set of haircuts that I'll employ over the coming years. I need to start out with a few solid inches of blond, so that when I get the first haircut on the list (and it's drastic!), I will essentially be starting fresh with the hair God gave me.

Step One will look something like this (in terms of cut, not color -- the whole idea is to stay natural with my color and texture):

Aaahhh, crazypants! The basic jist is having really short, practically buzzed, hair on the sides and back of the head, with a remaining poof of hair on the top. I hope I'll love it, because in my imagination, I love it a lot. It's risky, it's gutsy, and it could look really terrible. But I'll keep my fingers crossed that it won't.

Step Two:

Short all over. It'll grow in a bit, staying at a pretty uniform length throughout.

Step Three:

I want to get more dimension into a still very-short haircut, with pieces that are longer and shorter, especially pieces in the front that can sort of function as bangs if I style them that way.

Step Four:

Time for a short, asymmetrical bob cut. Very messy looking. Because I'm kind of messy.

And then ...

In time, it will grow to the length it is now -- and beyond! Which is great. I enjoy having my hair both long and short, especially when it's healthy and out-of-control curly. Blond Sara is making a comeback, y'all. With a very organized haircut plan, apparently. =)

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  1. That's some plan, I love it! And I am very envious, I can do nothing with my hair other than alternate between chin length and shoulder length!


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