Wishes: I Want A Yellow Tablecloth

Friday, August 3, 2012

Thrift stores play a huge role in my life.

There's a small Goodwill location just a few doors down from my workplace, and I visit it often. But I've observed that it's a little overpriced as far as thrift stores are concerned. A few days ago, there was this bright yellow tablecloth for $10, and I thought about getting it, but it seemed like sort of a frivolous purchase.  A bright yellow tablecloth? Yeah, not a necessity. I also knew, thanks to Goodwill's regular discount schedule, that because this item had a blue tag, it would be 50% off in two days. I told myself that if it was still around at that point, I'd buy it.

And as sometimes happens, the thought of this thrift store find set up camp in my brain. Suddenly, the one thing that would make my house (umm, apartment) feel like a home was a bright yellow tablecloth. How had I not seen this before?! It was so obvious! I was sure that the tablecloth needed to be mine.

I went back for the much-desired item yesterday. And of course, as you may have guessed, it was gone.

But there are other options.

Vintage Bright Yellow Tablecloth, $25

Vintage Swedish Tablecloth, $35

Yellow Lace Tablecloth, $30

But the whole idea was to avoid spending even $10, soooo ... these probably will not work.

I could just make my own, a la this:

... with this tutorial.

Or, more likely, I'll just add "bright yellow tablecloth" to my ongoing list of stuff to look for every time I'm in a thrift store. (Already on the list: "mug tree" and "You've Got Mail DVD.")

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  1. I really like that do-it-yourself one! The antler chandelier, a little less.


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