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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Headscarf: Gap outlet, $8
T-shirt: secondhand, free from clothing swap
Sweater: ModCloth, $17
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters, $19
Shoes: secondhand Converse, yard sale loot via my mom
Purse: Target, $25
Turquoise ring: Urban Renewal (St. George, Utah), $11

It has been four weeks since I last dyed my hair, and the roots are starting to show. Going from blond to a darker color is a funny thing; if there's enough difference between the two shades, and if the original blond is sufficiently light, then the regrowth ends up looking like baldness. Solution? Pulling the hair straight back and covering the front with a headscarf tied about your noggin. Make sure the resulting bow or knot is front and center. Fwuhbam. The look is a little funky, a little unexpected ... and maybe awesome? That's how Brittney at A Day in the Life Too would describe it. In the interest of thriftiness, I try to keep my dye jobs spaced apart by at least six weeks, so for the next little while, I'll keep my roots hidden by wearing headscarves like they're going out of style (and they probably are).

Next notable thing about my outfit: a shirt with words. This is a tricky one to pull off, team. Part of me is certain that shirts with words are for teenagers only. Remember the days of wearing shirts that said "Angel" or "Princess" across the boobs? Man, the '90s were classy, weren't they? I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope that phase is firmly in the past. Still, this shirt felt marginally more acceptable. Number one, the words are not hot pink or glittery. Number two, the message is political, religious, semi-inspiring, and vague all at once. That's a recipe for success. I also got the shirt for free from a clothing swap, and since free = good, a free shirt = a good shirt. Problem solved.

Here are a few pictures from recent days.

I took a walk yesterday (keeping up with the habit I started earlier this month) and shot a few unplanned, unfocused pictures of the construction going on one street over from my house. This one was a favorite, showing the mud, grass, chains, and gray cement structure that had been pulled from the ground. I also have a soft spot for how you can see the well-worn outline of that construction worker's wallet in his back pocket; reminds me of my dad, my grandpa, and all their farming/ranching compadres.

Pretty sky, also from my walk yesterday.

Another slammin' headscarf. Believe me, this will become a major theme.

Our friends Drew and Elise are moving to California in the next few weeks and had a little campfire par-tay last night to say goodbye. We're going to miss them hard core, but we're hopeful that our paths will cross for future road trips. Observations about campfires:

One, they are the original televisions, in that they absorb your attention for long periods for no discernible reason.

Two, whether you're hungry or not, it is always a good idea to eat a s'more while sitting by a campfire (and I really wish I had realized this last night before we left).

Three, campfires take the pressure out of situations where you're mainly with people you don't know. Finding it hard to make conversation? No big deal! You didn't come here to chat; you came here to enjoy a campfire. If you're looking at the glowing thing in the middle of the circle, you are navigating the situation successfully, so chillax.


  1. "They are the original televisions" is the most genius description ever. It so true how you can just stare at them for hours, and the entertainment never ends.

    I like your headscarves.

    North Meets South

  2. Those headscarves are amazing! Welcome back! It's been awhile.


  3. TOTally unexpected, most definitely awesome. i absolutely adore this entire look and think i'll try to copy you. oh, 'cept i look like poop in headscarves (can i say that on your blog? sorry if it makes weird ads pop up as a result...) and my thighs are about 18 times the size of your little toothpics. other than that...we'll be like twins. heh.
    you honestly look fabulous. i love me a unique casual outfit now and again, and you nailed it here. with the chucks? consider my heartstrings tugged. thanks for linking up today.

  4. That sky picture is so pretty!I'm loving that headscarf, such a great colour and a perfect way to hide roots haha!

  5. The sky picture is seriously amazing. Definitely pinning that :)

  6. I LOVE this outfit. So perfectly casually hippieish.

    Freckles in April


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