Ridin' the Range Once More

Monday, April 25, 2011

I haven't even logged in to Blogger for three weeks, but I'm back in the saddle again, out where a friend is a friend, ridin' the range once more.

In lieu of legit outfit pictures today (I have a PIMPLE on my CHIN!), I'm going to share some pictures that I've compiled over the past month or so. Pinterest has been my compiling tool of choice. Heard of it much? If not, let me assure you that it is very cool and user-friendly; I'm forever trying out new online technologies, and most of them I abandon within a few days because they're not useful enough for me. I move on quickly, since I need to conserve the brain space that would be occupied by remembering a bumload of unique usernames/passwords. Pinterest has really passed the test. It is, more or less, an easy, aesthetically-pleasing way to save and organize images from all around the internet. If you're a visual person and your Firefox bookmark list is getting crazy-long, this should help. Pinterest is also fantastic because the original source for each image is saved automatically, so you don't have to worry about failing to give credit where credit is due.

I have several distinct boards on Pinterest, and one of them is the designated place for style inspiration. Seeing all of my favorite images gathered together so concretely led to an interesting discovery: I LOVE outfits that consist mainly of neutral colors -- black, white, gray, tan, brown, taupe, along with navy blue and muted greens and pinks (which count, in my opinion). This was surprising because, when it comes to individual items, I'm ALWAYS drawn to bright, bold shades. Give me a saturated yellow or rusty red any day of the week. Somehow, though, the stylistic combinations of these mellow colors really struck my fancy. This revelation has given me something new to consider when I get dressed in the morning.

Anyhow, as I said I'd do a few paragraphs ago, I'll share some of my favorite ensembles from the ones I've saved on Pinterest. If you want to see the whole pinboard (with accompanying original sources), you can. (And if you want in on the Pinterest trend, let me know in a comment; I can send you an invite, you lucky dog.)

It's all brown. Shouldn't that be boring? But it ISN'T.

She's got those glossy blue flats, but otherwise, it's neutral all the way.

Another favorite on display: old man-ish loafers.

An easy, summertime version, like for a picnic or a supposedly-spontaneous photo shoot on the front porch.

The general neutrality really gives her bright scarf room to stand on its own (no, not literally, for it does not have legs!).

Some fashion bloggers have perfectly-placed wind machines, I've learned. A luxury, sure, but a darn good one!

Are you nuts for neutrals too, or do you go cuckoo for saturated colors? More importantly: do you have a wind machine I can borrow?


  1. I'm crazy over neutrals this season, too! A lot of the items I've bought have been neutrals--drawn as I was to the GAP magazine spread and every other magazine ad lately. Though, like you I usually veer closer to the brighter side of the color spectrum, it's refreshing to wear neutrals now and then.

  2. Glad to see you're back :-) I had been wondering where you are ;-)

    Relatable Style

  3. I love these inspiring pictures you've posted! Thank you thank you, I needed a good dose of chic!

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