The Promise of Springtime

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jacket: Old Navy, $30 (ages ago)
Shirt: Old Navy, $19
Dress (as skirt): Wal-Mart, $15
Slip: secondhand, $2 from thrift store
Sandals: Payless, $11

The weather today had "bare legs" written all over it (really. in skywriting.), but I was too nervous to leave the house without some kind of coverage. This jacket has been in my life since middle school and adds a rugged touch to any outfit.

I've decided that something in this house is cursed, and it's either my oven or all of the white flour in my cupboards. Everything I try to bake tastes positively horrid, and I KNOW I'm following the recipe exactly. There goes the hour that I spent trying to make a decent batch of cookies.

PS: I shared some pictures from the Holi Festival of Colors a few days ago, and now, there's a great video to share as well! Enjoy.

Gingham Shirt Remix #4:

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  1. you are SO GOOD at pattern mixing! I envy that talent! looks awesome :)

    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  2. I adore those polka dots, the red is amazing on you!

  3. I love those sandals--and I'm super jealous that you actually get to rock them now. Spring's not in my neck of the woods quite yet :(

  4. I really love that skirt and shirt combo! So cute!

    Lindsay Living


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