Double Dipper

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today, I bring you TWO lackluster outfits for the price of ONE! (You are paying me, right?)


Bandanna: secondhand, vintage hand-me-down from mom
Cardigan: Old Navy, $10
Shirt: Gap, $3
Jeans: Old Navy, $20
Boots: Rocket Dog brand via Macy's, $35

And today:

(Quick side note: Total hair transformation between the two days. I look like I have a straight-up lion's mane right now.)

Jacket: Macy's, $15
Shirt: secondhand, free from clothing swap (and yes, it pays tribute to Bon Jovi)
Pants: Kohl's, $20
Shoes: secondhand, $12 from consignment shop

Like I said, these looks are nothing special, but I'm posting them anyway in honor of a style philosophy that I've held onto for a long time: I believe in dressing to feel good, whatever "good" means that day. Yesterday, feeling good meant getting dressed as quickly and weather-appropriately as possible so that Craig and I could go on our bagel date. Today, it meant recovering from killer menstrual cramps (which, by the by, threatened to make me collapse while I was showering this morning -- no exaggeration here). Do I look supafly? No. Do I mind? A little, I guess, now that I'm looking at the pictures. However, I succeeded in wearing actual clothes and in helping myself feel good, according to the needs of the day. Points to Team Me.


  1. I don't think they're lacklustre at all - and your hair looks ace!

  2. Lackluster? Pshhhh. I am so in love with that head scarf. Head scarf? Is that the correct term?

    Ask the Duplex

  3. that bandanna hair bow is so adorable! and i know what you mean about dressing how you feel. if i don't feel just right about my outfit, it can bother me all day! so kudos to you for posting outfits that nudge you out of your blog comfort zone, because i enjoyed both of them!

    dash dot dotty

  4. HaHa! It would have taken me all day to piece those outfits together. Funny how that works! You look great in both of them but I especially like the lion's mane! You are fabulous!

  5. I really love your gorgeous mane of curls, and the red is outstanding. You look great!

    Lindsay Living


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