Red Hat

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hat: secondhand from consignment shop, $10
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren brand via TJ-Maxx, $30
Pants: Kohl's, $20
Shoes: secondhand Cole Haan brand from Salvation Army, $2

Weather report: Provo cannot make up its mind. Today is chilly and windy, when just a few days ago, everything was lightness and brightness and warmth. I've only kept a few cool-weather clothes in my closet (put the rest in storage), so hopefully things will shape up soon. And a red hat is good in any temperature.

My dad is an elementary school principal, and on Friday night, he received this very prestigious, very ritzy award to honor all the good he's done for his school and community. The whole family (including my parents, grandparents, my brothers, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, and my husband) got to enjoy a dinner in honor of my dad and the other award-winners.

As my mom said when we pulled up to the event: we really can't escape our inner white-trash. We're a kooky bunch, but we think we're a hoot.


  1. Love the hat! And I hear you about the weather...I normally love dark, rainy weather, but even I am over the flip-flopping!

  2. Love the red hat and love your inner white trash!


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