Monday, May 23, 2011

Headband: Charlotte Russe, $3
Necklace: gift from my mom
Shirt: secondhand BCBG Max Azria brand, $10
Sweater: Modcloth, $17
Skirt: second Penguin by Munsingwear brand, $10
Leggings: Target, $3
Boots: Rocketdog brand via Macy's, $35

I wore this to church yesterday, and when Craig saw my get-up, he said that I looked like a mix between a hippie and a flipper.

"A hippie and a flipper?" I asked. "You mean ... the dolphin?"

"Oh. I meant flapper. Like from the 20s."

That makes more sense.

What do I have to do to get some clear pictures on this blog? I mean, these aren't horrendously blurry, but they could be better. Check out Crimson Rosella, my edit., E. from academichic, and Selective Potential. See what I mean? Those pictures are sharp. as. tacks. So what's my deal? Is it some setting on my camera? A sketchy lens? Do I need to use a better photo-editing program? Is Blogger slowing me down? I shall investigate.


Church was mediocre yesterday. Craig and I have the job of teaching a Sunday School class every other week, and while I enjoy the calling in lots of ways, there are some occasions when it's like I'm speaking Swedish to a classroom full of Spaniards. For example, I'll say, "What are some things we need to do to gain eternal life?" It's a deep question, I know, and I get a bunch of blank stares from the class members. After a sufficient number of awkward silent seconds, Craig will pipe up and repeat the question: "What are some things we need to do to gain eternal life?" When he asks it, lightbulbs appear around the room. Hands raise. People have something to say. ... Did I mumble my way through the exact same words so that no one could understand me? It's a confusing thing, and I feel like a very poor teacher. I've got some solid thoughts in this noggin of mine, but darned if I can translate them to a teaching situation. And that's probably okay, except for every other Sunday.


  1. Teaching Sunday School is hard. When I was living in DC, I taught Relief Society for like 2 years and then they switched it up and called me to teach Sunday School. I thought, no problem, no big difference, right?! Um, no. Blank stares, no hands raising, nothing. Even my best friend that is my ward put her head on her husband's shoulder and closed her eyes during my very first SS lesson. Of course, she got an ear-full for that stunt, but suffice it to say, I think teaching SS is a tough gig.

  2. re: photo quality. I'm no photo-pro, but I've got $100 that says the improvement you're looking for has to do with the camera rather than a blogger/flickr thing.

    If you're using a point-and-shoot, then that is undoubtedly the problem. These photos are about as good as you'll get out of a point-and-shoot. If you're using a fancier camera already, then you would probably see much improvement by changing the settings.


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