Friday, May 27, 2011

Scarf: Van Heusen, $7
Shirt: Banana Republic, $15
Giganto flower scarf: secondhand Divided by H&M brand, $4 from consignment shop
Pin: Michael's Craft Store, $3
Skirt: Ross, $15
Sandals: Downeast Outfitters, $12

This scarf I'm wearing over the skirt is ENORMOUS. It's more like a picnic blanket or a wall-hanging than anything else, but considering the pretty pretty floral print and four dollar pricetag, I couldn't pass it up.

In other news, my hair appointment went very well. Tyrel gave me some strawberry-blond-ish highlights that give more dimension and flexibility when it comes to root touchups. Having a few hours to catch up with an old friend and be pampered within an inch of my life? That wasn't bad either. If you live in the Salt Lake area, you can visit him at Landis Aveda and get something wonderful of your own.


  1. Love you in this outfit! Very pretty. Also, your pictures are looking great. And I just realized that they look better on Google Chrome then they do on Firefox!

  2. I love you in this outfit too! You look fabulous! I wish I could have seen you in person on Saturday, but the stars did not align. I barely had time to time!


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