Goals: Contemplating 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

(I based my New Year's Resolution structure on this post from Thirty Handmade Days.)

One word:
(translated, this means that my general resolution for the new year is to try new things)

What I really want in 2012 is:
-to begin quilting (which means I want a sewing machine)
-to create a home environment that's peaceful, attractive, and consistent
-to become a mom

What I really need in 2012 is:
-to improve my muscular and cardiovascular strength
-to be more mindful of expressing my gratitude
-to document my own life and personal history

What I will share in 2012 is:
-me! my thoughts and experiences and progress, via this blog
-my money, through consistent charitable giving

In 2012 I will succeed at:
-freelance writing
-frequent reading (of books, not just blogs and online articles!)
-completing my doula certification

1 comment:

  1. I like your format -- it's simple, but still ambitious. I'm excited to see the progress!


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