Possessions: My iPod

Friday, January 13, 2012

My iPod is actually "Craig's iPod," or at least that's what it's called when I plug it into the computer to charge or sync it. In the spring or summer of 2008, just a little after we got married, I accidentally ran Craig's iPod and cell phone through the washing machine. Was this my fault because I didn't check the pockets of Craig's jeans before washing them, or was it Craig's fault because he threw those jeans on the pile of dirty clothes that I was about to wash without first emptying the pockets? You decide.

Unexpectedly, both of these items continued to work after having been through the battlefield of the laundry. The only scar was some water left behind the screen of the iPod that sort of warps the images a wee bit. Craig kept using his iPod for a while but eventually decided he'd like one with more storage capacity and less water damage. He bought himself a replacement, and in the meantime, my own iPod had gotten fried (from being left too long in a hot car -- that one was definitely my fault), so I commandeered Craig's. And now it's mine.

I use it mainly to listen to podcasts on the bus ride to work. Favorite podcasts include "This American Life," "Radiolab," "Stuff You Should Know," "Too Beautiful to Live," and "On Belief."


  1. Listening to Radiolab podcasts is one of Neal's and my favorite things to do together. I especially like the very, very first episode, Who am i? Have you listened that far back? It's very thought-provoking!

  2. everyone is always talking about this american life, i must download it!


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