Memories: The Beginning of January

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thanks to Facebook's newly-implemented timeline format, I can go back and observe almost anything I've done on Facebook according to date. So journey with me, if you will, and let's learn what Facebook says I was thinking and doing at this time of year in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

January 6th, status update: "Sara Katherine Staheli is going to Festival City for the School Too Soon Festival."
("Festival City" is the nickname for Cedar City, Utah, where I attended college. I was particularly un-excited to start the new semester because it meant moving an hour away from my boyfriend and I was SO SAD that I wouldn't see him every day.)

January 7th, status update: "Sara Katherine Staheli is settled into a room with a crystal doorknob."
(I had just moved into a basement apartment in Cedar City, Utah.)

January 5th, comments between Geoffrey Insch and me:
Geoff -- "Now that you have been Hanksed you officially have the longest name of any of my facebook friends!!"
Me -- "oh, i'm so pleased! it's fun having four whole names."
(As of January 5th, I'd been married to Craig for almost two weeks.)

January 6th, status updates:
"Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks is invisible when she is running away from the scene of the crime."
"Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks is employed."
(The first update references a Fiona Apple song, which I'm sure I was listening to that day. The second update came about because I accepted a job at a phone sales/customer service company in Orem, Utah. Getting to the interview was pretty tough, due to a car stuck in the snow, a confusing bus route, and inadequate shoes for walking long distances in that weather. Maybe I should have taken all those obstacles as messages from God, because it turned out to be the worst job I've ever had! Actually, I ended up quitting about two months later.)

January 7th, status update:
"Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks is back from wedding festivities that managed to be heartwarming, raucous, and friendly all at once. Kudos to the Campbell-Stensruds for kicking things off right."
(My best friend, Chelsea, got married on this date. Her wedding was fantastic!)

January 5th, status update:
"When given a mixed bag of M&Ms, Craig will eat the peanut and I will eat the plain. So nice being married to your opposite."

January 5th, new profile picture:
taken outside of our house in Provo

January 7th, comment left in response to a friend's status about the film "Inception":

"every time i watch, something new pops up that makes me suspect that he isn't awake at the end. i think it's telling that he was using Mal's totem the whole time. the continuous spinning of the top (or lack thereof) is an indication of whether you're asleep, but the presence of the totem itself is (as Arthur explains to Ariadne) just an indication that you're not in someone else's dream. i think the presence of Mal's totem at all suggests that this was a part of her dream (or at least leaves the possibility open).

another thing that makes me suspicious is the fact that Saito and Ariadne saw the totem Dom was carrying (Saito in the basement bathroom in Africa; Ariadne in the workshop) and could have replicated it in their own dreams.

ultimately though, i think we can at least say that Dom wasn't in his OWN dream at the end, if he was dreaming at all, because the kids had aged when he saw them at the end, and they hadn't aged at all in any of his memories. i think it's most likely that he was awake at the end, but it's also possible that he was in someone else's dream."

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