30x30: I Love My Bike, and I Love Free Things

Sunday, March 6, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Blazer: Class Club brand (secondhand), $10
Shirt: Forever 21 brand (secondhand), $7
Skirt: Urban Wear, $25
Boots: vintage Marc Alpert brand via Etsy, $38

Camisole: Downeast Outfitters, $10
Circle pin: free from clothing swap
Owl pin: gift from sister-in-law

I swear I steamed my skirt this morning, but you'd never know by looking at these pictures. It wrinkles at the speed of light.

Another thing you can see in these pictures is my bike. Her name is Alexandra, "Lexie" for short, and I'm very excited for springtime rides. For your information, my camera is named Pepe (as in Pepe le Pew, the romantic skunk) and my car is named Lorraine. Do you name inanimate objects? It's fun; you should give it a try.

You'll notice that I got my circular pin from a clothing swap. It took place yesterday on campus, and my two friends and I made off like bandits! The organizers basically set up a points system, so all the items we brought were assigned a certain number of points (accessories = 1 point, shirts = 2 points, jeans = 5 points, etc.) which we could then use to shop. My total donated items came to 90 points, and I'm guessing that the stuff I left with came to around 45 (they didn't really tally things up, so long as it was clear you were within your allowed points). The event was very well-organized and well-attended, and by the by, what a GENIUS idea for a charitable event. All of the clothes left by the end were donated to a local refugee center, and in the meantime, all of the attendees (mostly starving college students, by the way) were able to clean out their closets and get some great new stuff without spending a dime. Awesome. (PS - I ran into a fellow style blogger at the event, Sarah from Wearing It On My Sleeves. Fun fun. She is even prettier in real life. And I didn't even realize that we have the same name! Although I spell it the right way. No "H" needed. =)


  1. I LOVE clothing swaps! I hosted my first one at the end of February and had so much fun! Plus, I got a bunch of stuff... for FREE! It's the best. :)

    That skirt is darling! Even if it does wrinkle quickly. I love the color and the flowers!

  2. My family has a tradition in naming the Christmas Tree. It not only gets a name, but a description, too. Mostly, the names are totally old-fashioned. We has "Horst, the quick", "Gabriel, the shiny" or "Aloisius, the silvery".


  3. i love your blazer, and i love your adorable pin.
    and i would love your opinion on my latest post!


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