St. Patrick's Day News

Thursday, March 17, 2011

If I'm remembering my genealogy correctly, I'm 1/16th Irish. My husband's totally gonna kiss me today.

I have two answers to the question "What's your favorite color?" My favorite category of color is green. By that, I mean that I am most fond of all the shades of green when taken together as a group. Lime green, emerald green, jade, chartreuse, turquoise -- bring it on.

Green leaf charm earrings - $3.50

Green rhinestone flower pin - $3.99

Green flower earrings - $3.99

Green beaded necklace - $7.99

But my favorite specific color is the red of a really ripe, healthy tomato. Which is weird, because I don't even eat tomatoes.

Cranberry vintage ring - $12.00

I only discovered my affection for tomato red a few days ago. Changes in favorite color are a big deal, and since I'm not in elementary school anymore, I figured a blog post would be the next-best occasion for a Show & Tell type announcement.

What's your favorite color? You can go specific color, color family, or both.


  1. I'd have to say the blue category. I have never met a shade of blue that I don't love.

    North Meets South

  2. Brown. Mostly dark, deep browns, but I enjoy many browns. (And I LOVE tomatoes, but more so the fruit than the color.)

  3. I'm there with Erica! The blue category is huge for me... but I also love the orange family too!

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