Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweater: Modcloth, $17 
T-shirt: secondhand, free from clothing swap
Necklace: online shop, $10
Jeans: LOFT brand secondhand, gift (though I happen to know they were $20 from a consignment store)
Shoes: Vis a Vie brand secondhand, $12 from consignment store

Wanna know a funny thing about me? I tend to absent-mindedly pose in a way that really draws attention to my belly-area. It's not a "problem area" for me or anything, but seriously: more often than not, I end up with tons of pictures where I'm sticking my stomach out in the way little kids do when they're playing pretend pregnant. It's a strange habit, never more evident than when I wore this shirt tucked in to some medium-rise jeans. I had to do some clever editing to make it less obvious, but then I went ahead and admitted all this anyway. Smooth, Sara, real smooth.

I visited the playground of a nearby elementary school for today's pictures. There's sort of a sneaky guessing game that goes on with taking pictures of myself every day, because I don't like strangers gawking at me. This playground is usually occupied by frisbee groups, school kids, people playing with their dogs, etc., so I had to take advantage of this rare occasion when no one was around. Sure enough, as soon as I'd taken my fill of pictures, three separate groups of people showed up to have their own fun. I made a hasty escape on my trusty two-wheeler.


  1. That necklace is darling! And I definitely know how you feel. I'd love to take outfit photos Downtown, but there is wayyy too many people. I like to take my outfit photos where no one is watching.

  2. Haha, I totally do the stomach pose too. What is that about!? I love the photo location and fun casual outfit. :)

  3. girl! you are so adorable! i just scrolled through your blog and found all kinds of magical outfits! i need to know which online shop you got that necklace from! its amazing!


  4. I stick my stomach out as well when I just stand normally. Whoops. And I love the detail photos, that necklace is suh-weet!

    North Meets South

  5. Pink shoes are so happy-looking.

  6. Haha, I definitely do the same when I take my pictures... I wait around until no one is even remotely near, and then snap some. But as it happens, places that are normally deserted end up being frequented like someone's giving out free beer that only I cannot see. SIGH :-)

    Relatable Style

  7. I stick both my stomach and my bum out when I stand normally! My yoga teacher calls it an 'overactive lumber'.

    I love that necklace!

  8. i am in love with that necklace... and the bike!


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