30x30: Just Check With Me Before You Eat The Bread

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Yellow cardigan: Norma Kamali brand (secondhand), $11
Tee: secondhand, $4
Jeans: Guess brand via Buckle, $92
Boots: vintage Marc Alpert brand via Etsy, $38

Scarf: Van Heusen, $7
Jacket: Edge brand (thrifted), $6

I have six more days of this 30x30 business, and dudes, I am itching for the end. Surprisingly enough, the off-limits items I miss most are my shoes. Maybe it's not too surprising to everyone else; I hear girls are supposed to be crazy about shoes. For me, though, shoes have never held that unbelievable appeal that they're rumored to have for a lot of women. It's only during the last few weeks that I've really appreciated how nice it is to wear the shoes that work best with an outfit, rather than ones that are just okay.

Maybe I'll do a personal challenge post-30x30 where I wear all of my shoes, a different pair each day, and really take stock of what I love and what I merely tolerate. It's a good time of year for it, weather-wise -- some days will be boot-appropriate, others will be good for sneakers or heels, and as spring ramps up, SANDALS (hurry, Spring, hurry!).

Any of you style blogging dudes wanna join me in this pursuit? Let me know; with enough interest, I'll make one of those fancy blog buttons (oo la la).

Today was somewhat busy. I had a lot to do for work, plus my husband and I did some serious house-cleaning in preparation for company. My friend Krisanne came over for lunch and we talked non-stop. Such a joy to find new friends that you really mesh with, isn't it? A little later in the afternoon, I volunteered at a blood drive and, with the help of cookies and juice, made sure that the donors didn't pass out. I probably need to donate blood at some point in my life, right? But I'm a little scared ... not of needles, just of seeing the blood drip out of my arm. Yeesh.

Last thing: I recently noticed something that makes me ridiculously upset, and I say "ridiculously" because the level of anger is really not equivalent with the matter at hand; it's deserving of mild annoyance at the most. Anyway, this thing that gets me so mad is when my husband uses the last _______ and doesn't tell me. For example, I wanted to make a sandwich last night, and I'd been thinking about it for nearly an hour while I worked on some stuff for my job. I was really looking forward to this imaginary sandwich. But when I walked into the kitchen to make it, NO BREAD! Way to ruin a meal. I kept the anger inside (which is rumored to be very healthy, by the way), but only just barely.

I'm kind of territorial about food.


  1. Those boots and that eye burning cardi are both rather fabulous!

  2. I would totally be up for a shoe challenge! (However, I would probably eliminate my the flip-flops I only wear the pool and my old marching band shoes, haha.)

    I love that cardigan! It's so bright and makes me wish Spring would come faster! I love Flagstaff in the Spring/Summer - the weather is absolutely gorgeous - but the snow definitely gets old very quickly.

  3. hahaha-"i'm kind of territorial about food." me too! totally. i like your idea for a shoes challenge; but i think i want a little time of freedom to wear whatever the heck i want for a little while before i could commit to participating...know what i mean?
    love your whole ensemble--the yellow makes the world happy, and these pics are fabulous.

  4. I adore your cardigan. It is so fun & bright. I think I'm craving Spring a bit too much these days. All this cold weather & snow is starting to get to me!

  5. The photographs look like a magazine layout. Beautiful. You have this beautiful Ralph Lauren look about you. Also loving "Artsy Fartsy." Great outfit. Love the tunic.

  6. This yellow cardi gets me every time. It's very eye catching.
    I think my hair is actually jealous of your hair. Well that is what my hair tells me anyway. It always asks me when we look at your blog why it too can not have such great color.
    p.s. I would make your husband cook you one meal a day for a week for that little stunt he pulled!


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