Wanna Little Cheese? With That WHINE?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cardigan: Banana Republic, $25
Necklace: Wal-Mart, $8
T-shirt: Alternative Apparel, $11
Skirt: Old Navy, $10
Belt: secondhand, $2 from thrift store
Tights: Forever 21, $1.50
Flats: Ralph Lauren brand secondhand, $12 from consignment store

Thing I hate most about tights:
they hurt my toes.

Thing I hate most about about shaving my legs:
I always get conditioner/shave cream/soap/leftover mascara in my eyes. And it stings.

Thing I hate most about my tripod:
the fact that it fell out of my bag and broke yesterday.

Thing I hate most about my camera remote:
the fact that it stopped working immediately after I took today's pictures.

Sigh sigh sigh. Little teeny-tiny bumps in the road. I promise: I'm still a lover, not a hater or a fighter.


  1. *Glare* ... I just shot yor photography equipment a dirty look for bailing on you. Feel better? :-)
    One thing though: How on earth do you get mascara in your eyes by shaving your legs? ^^ Am I doing it wrong?!


  2. very cute outfit! i really like your white and red striped shirt. and your shoes are awesome!


  3. So many sad things here for such an adorable outfit. I REALLY empathize about the equipment :/

  4. Loving those tights!

  5. I adore your outfit. The tights are a beautiful shade of red - sorry about your toes, though. Love the polka dot looks on the previous post. The time, creativity, and energy you put into each post is not only evident, but appreciated.


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