Treat Me Like a Paper Doll

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tunic: Tommy Hilfiger brand from Macy's, $16
Belt: vintage hand-me-down from mom
Jeans: Old Navy, $25
Boots: secondhand and made in Brazil, $8 from thrift store

These pictures are not the greatest. Blame it on a hectic day that was complicated by sudden lack of internet access.

Now, hold the phone! I'm not wearing the sheath dress that I've been remixing for the last two days (here and here). I'll still be able to implement it in five total outfits throughout the week, but today, I took a time-out to participate in Miss Vinyl Ahoy's Paper Doll Project, in which two volunteering bloggers are matched up to suggest each other's outfits for the day.

I worked with Lindsay from Tart Lemon Drop and told her that I wanted to wear these boots in the ensemble she came up with. Calling them my favorite shoes might be stretching it, but they definitely get the prize for Shoes I Feel Coolest While Wearing. Lindsay suggested that I add leggings/skinny jeans, a tunic, and a colorful belt. The afore-mentioned hectic day made me go for something really simple and unadventurous, just so I could make sure not to fuss about matching colors/lengths.

Lindsay asked me to focus my suggestions around a gray blazer (and you know I love me some blazers). Head over here and see what we came up with. And if you're hankering to see some more Paper Doll pairs, you can see Suze's entire list of matchups.


  1. I'm loving your boots and belt! Very cute outfit!

    Dress Up RebeccawithanR

  2. That vintage belt is amazing!!!

  3. LOVE that belt!

    I finally got my post up! My camera was out yesterday after I took pics so I had to do it all this morning.

  4. That belt it the coolest, the detail on it is so gorgeous. I can just imagine the possibilities for beautiful outfits with it!

  5. Those boots are to die for. I really like the color--its a nice mix of a neutral brown and that one of a kind cognac color. Awesome!

  6. Love the boots and that vintage belt!! She did a wonderful job picking your pieces!!


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