30x30: Just Like Juno ... But Not As Pregnant

Thursday, March 3, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Striped sweater: Banana Republic, $25
Plaid shirt: Saugatuck brand (thrifted), $0.56
Jeans: Guess brand via Buckle, $92
Boots: gift

Earrings: shop at an amusement park, $8
Scarf: Gap Outlet, $10

After doing my bit of research into Ellen Page's style yesterday, I took my cues from her and did the best approximation possible with my 30x30 items. Plaid, layers, scarf, rolled-up jeans, ponytail that took all of five seconds -- it's a decent homage, but you can officially add "t-shirts" to my list of things that I'm excited to wear when this 30x30 situation is behind me.

Exciting news in the life of a boring person! The film Never Let Me Go is newly-available from Netflix, and my husband and I have an at-home date planned for tonight so we can watch it tonight. One of my geekier phases in life came when I first saw the trailer for Never Let Me Go and, knowing that its limited release would not extend to Provo, proceeded to watch that trailer multiple times a day for several weeks. Mild obsession had taken hold. Take a look:

I mean, come on. Get real. That is one beautiful trailer. I hope the film will live up to it.

FYI, I just received a wireless remote for my new camera, and while it's taking some trial and error to figure things out, I'm definitely finding it a helpful tool. Expect to see a few pictures (like the one below) where the remote use has malfunctioned momentarily. Yay technology!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation of that movie on facebook, Jon and I really enjoyed the free screening of it that we went to. Great film.

  2. yay for pattern mixing, ellen page and shutter remotes!
    I think this look is just adorable!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I love how you styled this outfit! It is so pulled together while remaining carefree! And I absolutely love your photo montage! They're fun and beautiful! Lots of love today!


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