Sweatpants Are Just Fine

Friday, March 18, 2011

My approach to today:

Blame it on a particularly painful muscle-tweak sustained in Zumba this morning.

Feast your eyes on this wedding gorgeousness rather than on my sweatpants. Over approximately three years of wedding blog obsession, this is my all-time favorite (and PS, it was put on for under $1,000).

Quoting the bride: "As a wedding photographer I have seen brides freak out about what feels at the time to be insurmountable obstacles, but I can say from experience that in the end nothing else matters and you WILL laugh about it later. Too many people get caught up in the "stuff" of a wedding and forget that it's about the relationship and commitment. Having spent under $1000, we're just as married as a couple that spent $30,000."


  1. Amen to that! To the sweatpants and about the wedding budget. Admittedly, we did spend more than $1000 on ours, but it was definitely one of the cheaper weddings I know of.

    North Meets South

  2. Haha! Your flow chart made my day! And helped me justify the sweatpants that I am wearing today.

  3. the sweatpants chart just made me laugh out loud. hilarious. and your hair is absoultely to die for.
    we're following!



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