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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Does anyone else remember the advice that women should steer clear of horizontal stripes? I guess the thinking goes that horizontal stripes draw the eyes from side-to-side, making a woman look wider than she is, and since being wide is horrifying and awful, women should never wear these kinds of stripes and look for vertical ones instead. Where in the world did I hear this as a little girl? Who was feeding me such garbage?

Anyway, it seems like this advice was pretty widespread, and one day, I was watching TV when a commercial for Crystal Lite iced tea came on. As is common with advertising, this particular commercial appealed to the idea that we all want to be beautiful and happy. It showed all these women in various situations, having tons of fun, and at one point, the voice-over person said the line, "Wear horizontal stripes, just because you like them."

Such a strange little moment for me to remember, but I totally think of this line whenever I wear horizontal stripes. I'm not worried about looking wider or slimmer than I am, so whatever; I wear horizontal stripes, just because I like them.

And because, at least for today, I got to be part of the Everybody, Everywear: Breton Stripes club.

Pocketwatch necklace: pocketwatch from eBay ($10), necklace from yard sale ($2)
Striped scarf: free from yard sale
Vest: Express brand, $4 (thrifted)
Striped shirt: Old Navy, $4 (sale)
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters, $19 (2008)
Boots: Rocketdog brand from Macy's, $35 (2009)

This pink-striped shirt was a close contender for my 30x30 list, so I'm glad I got a chance to use it before that whole thing gets underway. It's a comfortable, versatile little shirt. All hail the Old Navy clearance section.

Also, these pictures were taken behind a Super Wal-Mart. The dude driving a forklift was so confused at what I was doing there. Is the universe trying to teach me something, with all these funny looks I get while taking pictures? If so, the lesson is either to rise above caring about other's opinions OR to take all my pictures in the isolation of the nearby Wasatch Mountains. One of the two, for sure.

Bonus picture, because my hair looks like a mustache.


  1. Hail Old Navy clearance indeed. That's where I got mine, too!
    I love that you happened to have a vest that matches perfectly with that shirt!
    And, I remember all too well that I was supposed to avoid horizontal stripes. I think we all just proved the "experts" wrong. Everyone looks great!

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Thanks for your comment- I really appreciated it on a day where I felt "blah". I LOVE this, seriously. The color combo is so cheery and fun and I'm with you: I love my horizontal stripes!!

  3. I wore this shirt today too! I agree with you on the horizontal stripes and on the Old Navy clearance section! I'm new to blogging but I'm planning on doing the 30x30 too!


  4. I wore this shirt today, also! Very cute and I love your bravery in taking these photos behind Wal*Mart where people could see you!

  5. Looooove all your stripes and colors! So pretty and bright!

  6. I think this may be my favorite outfit of yours today. I love the colors! That vest is AMAZING!

  7. I love how your hair looks with red. I'm such a redhead wannabee... sadly, don't think I'll wake up with red curls anytime soon!

  8. I love your hair color.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  9. Adorable snaps and boo to the notion that one shouldn't wear horizontal stripes. The breton top is a classic for a reason. It should be sported at every opportunity! (especially yours because the pink is tooooo cute)

  10. I know it's hard but ignore people when they give you funny looks. If they talk to you just say, "well my hair is prettier that yours." Who could answer back to that? Even my dark curly locks are jealous of your red perfect ones.

  11. i love your quirky sense of style. i feel like i know what your personality is like just by looking at what you wear. you quite literally wear your heart on your sleeve(s). teach me! i need someone to break up all of the solid neutrals i've got going on that closet of mine.

    oh, and can i have your hair? it's gorrrgeous.

  12. mustache or no, i'm in love with your hair! i have 8 siblings and most of them have red hair like yours. i didn't get so lucky, but i still love it!! and the pink stripes with red vest! adore. AND the pocketwatch. okay, here's a good idea: why don't i list off every single part of your ensemble and tell you that i love it. or, actually, how about i don't do that but you can safely assume that i love it all. you look fabulous.
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog)


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