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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Earrings: gift from my husband (purchased on our honeymoon)
Blazer: Ross, $13 (2004)
Hoodie: Ezekiel brand via Ross, $25 (2005)
Painted t-shirt: Gap brand, $1 (yard sale, DIY)
Purple thermal (worn underneath): Old Navy, $5
Wooden ring: $1 (outdoor market booth)
Jeans: Gap brand, $4 (secondhand)
Tasseled shoes: Thom McAn brand, $5 (thrifted)

Do you treasure your clothes and treat them as sacred, or do you play around with them, getting a bit messy in the process? The answer for me is: a little of both. I cherish some articles of clothing like they were my children (okay, exaggerating there). With other things, I'm perfectly willing to bust out my scissors, thread, fabric paint and see what I can make, and I do so with very little advanced planning. The most notable example of this is my wedding dress, which I altered post-wedding with colorful fabric scraps that made it look like a gypsy costume of sorts. That might have been pushing it too far, but let's save that story for another day ...

The point of this tangent is to draw attention to my t-shirt. While painting some t-shirts as Christmas presents for my brothers, I decided to work on a shirt of my own as well. The paint job isn't very apparent in these pictures (darn you, cold weather that requires quadruple layering!), but you should be able to tell that I painted irregular green and white stripes on a teal background. Katie from Fashion Frugality donned her own DIY-striped shirt for Breton Stripes day and left me totally inspired. I'll make a similar one soon, but in the meantime, it seemed like a good time to bust out the imperfect, self-created stripes.

What fashion projects have you been the proudest of? If you've got a blog post displaying your hard-won successes, I'd love to take a look. Leave a link in the comments.


  1. Such a cute idea to paint a pattern on your shirt. I know what you mean about cherishing certain clothes and playing around with other ones. I've definitely taken a pair of scissors to a few jeans and tops. Even if the outcome isn't great, I always have fun being creative.

    Great post!

  2. How fun! I know exactly how you feel - there are some items I would never touch and others that I already have plans to alter. I love what you did to this shirt and I would really like to see your wedding dress someday.

    Oh and I gave you a Style Award on my blog!

  3. I do love those thrifted shoes!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  4. You look so, so pretty in these pictures. And I can't get enough of a hoodie under a blazer. So in love!

  5. Cassandra - I'll do a wedding dress expose sometime. =) And thank you for the blog award! I'm just trying to figure out which other style bloggers to honor, and then I'll do my ten things post.

    Kyla - you're so sweet. I wish the stairwell had been big enough to play around with poses and junk, but alas. Anyway, the hoodie under blazer thing is one of my favorite fashion tricks. Love how you pull it off!


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