Under The Weather & In The Garage

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm feeling "under the weather" today, and it stinks. Part of what bothers me so much is that the phrase "under the weather" is confusing. Seriously, weather is in the sky all the time, so technically, we're underneath the weather all the time, and that means there's nothing so unusual about being "under the weather." Why we should use such a phrase for the odd day when we're sick is beyond me.

WAIT, GOOGLE HAS THE ANSWER! One idea of this phrase's origins: "'under the weather' is an old sailor phrase. When men were sick, they would rest below deck and thus were literally 'under' the weather on deck ... Moreover, the deck they were under was likely 'the weather deck', meaning the most exposed deck on the ship."

Fine, it makes sense. So anyway, I'm ill, and there's no way I'm leaving this couch to go out into the cold world. Not even to take a picture of my bland sweater and holey jeans. Luckily, I tested out my new camera last week and have some outfit pictures to share.

Multi-colored top: Macy's, $15 (on clearance and with coupon)
Black vest: Target, $15 (a few years ago)
Skinny jeans: Old Navy, $20 (a few years ago)
Black boots: Naturalizer brand from Famous Footwear, $40 (on clearance and with coupon)

Turquoise ring: Urban Renewal, $11 (Urban Renewal is a consignment store in St. George, UT, and I just LOVE it)
Necklace: Forever 21, $6

By the by, I got a tremendous Christmas present -- a vintage 70s trenchcoat -- from my mother-in-law.

It could not be more perfect.


As you can probably tell from the concrete floor and tall cabinets, these pictures were taken in a garage -- my parents' garage, to be exact. You think that's lame? You are so wrong. Check out the cool, slightly-redneck stuff I was surrounded by.

~~horns from dead deer~~
~~two identical Utah license plates~~
~~the Native-American-made purse that my dad gave me when I was little~~
~~a trunk that looks like it came across the Atlantic Ocean~~
~~a bumload of fishing poles~~
~~an old ice cream maker and two wooden Pepsi-Cola crates~~
~~an overhead projector~~
~~one of those huge bows from the car dealership showrooms~~
~~golf clubs, dirty shoes, and muddy pants~~

It seems to be a common characteristic of parents I know: when you ask them if they have some random object, they nearly always have that random object. This is probably thanks to the fact that they have homes with garages, attics, basements, and storage rooms that simply must be filled. When I'm old, and my hair is gray and my house is full of odd junk, that's gonna be cool.

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