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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A weird thing about what I'm wearing: my socks cost more than the combined prices of my skirt and shirt. That just seems wrong.

Yellow knit headwrap: Tai-Pan Trading, $10 (one year ago)
Khaki jacket: H&M, $35 (purchased on a trip to New York, five years ago)
Necklace: made it from ribbon, O-rings, and gold party beads
Red/white blouse: Covington brand, $3 (thrifted at Saver's in Orem, Utah)
Chartreuse cardigan: Old Navy, $15
Pink skirt: College Town brand, $0.56 (thrifted at Junk In My Trunk in Spanish Fork, Utah)
Slip: hand-me-down from my mom
Maroon knee socks: TJ Maxx, $5
Lace-up leather boots: vintage Marc Alpert, $38 (purchased secondhand through Time Bomb Vintage shop on Etsy)

My love affair with the 56 cent items continues! This skirt is just a dream, and I love pairing it with a long-ish slip that peeks out a little as I walk.

This look incorporates red, soft pink, chartreuse, and yellow. I'm not sure I would have combined all this without motivation from The Color Brigade, a project being led by Kileen of Cute and Little. The challenge is to wear an outfit that includes at least three bold colors. Knowing that I wanted to debut this skirt, I had a good jumping-off point. I came up to my local university campus today to get some work done (curse my unreliable at-home internet connection!), and I couldn't help but smile a little extra when I saw that my clothes (and bright red hair) made me stick out like a sore thumb among all the students dressed in dark neutrals.

One last thing: my boots. Jessica from What I Wore has brown lace-up boots (click to see), and when I first saw her wearing them, I decided that lace-up boots were a must-have. I decided on these ones, which read as black in most lights but are actually "Spruce" (a dark bluish-green), and ordered them right before Christmas. They just arrived a few days ago, and while they'll take some breaking-in (the leather's a little stiff), I'm very happy with my purchase. My husband saw me trying them on and reminded me that when we first got married (two years ago), I complained that I only had one pair of boots. That number has since grown to TEN!!! I guess I've been busy. Come to think of it, boots might just be the most treasured part of my wardrobe (not to mention one of the best things about wintertime).


  1. wow, great color combination!! the chartreuse cardi is so bold and perfect for a cold winter day. my fave is actually the headwrap -- the flower is so cute and it looks warm to boot!

    cute and little

  2. Hah sorry about that mixup, you were right. o glad youll be joining me! Love the color of that sweater

  3. Thanks for the love, you two! Yeah, this chartreuse is amazing. One of those "doesn't match anything, but goes with everything" colors. I'm in love. =)

    Kileen, the headwrap was a huge trend out here in Utah last year, and I felt a little silly for jumping on the bandwagon, but a whole year later, I still love my headwrap and find that it keeps my ears plenty warm. No need for earmuffs. So who made the right decision? I think I did.


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