Sweaty Wednesday 3

Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Workout Attire
Magenta tank: gift from my mom
Gray leggings: Target, $3
Cut-off Colorado sweatshirt: gift from grandma, altered

Staying Warm On The Way Attire
Denim jacket: Divided brand by H&M, $7 (thrifted)
Arm warmers: Target, $8 (2007)
Knee socks: TJ Maxx, $5 for 2-pack
Lace-up boots: vintage Marc Alpert brand, $38 (TimeBombVintage on Etsy)

Last night, I went to my third Nia class. Nia is practiced barefoot, and you get warm really quickly, so clothing needs are pretty minimal. This week, I loved the music the instructor used, but I was pretty challenged by all the shimmying that was involved in our movement (yep, you read that right). It seems like shimmying is something that most girls learn to do sometime around 8th or 9th grade, but I missed the boat on that and managed to look like an awkward giraffe in my attempts. It was bad, but don't worry -- I still like myself.

You'll notice an "Immodesty Alert" at the top of this post, since I'm showing my shoulders in the first picture. That warning is entirely tongue-in-cheek. Though modesty is something I value personally, I think it's important to choose clothes based on their intended purpose. I wore sleeves and layers for the previous two classes, and I found that mode of dress to be completely impractical. Ergo, I tried things this time that were more lightweight and less restrictive. To me, motivation is a big part of dressing modestly, and if my motivation in choosing clothes is appropriate, I feel fine showing a little shoulder.

I've been planning to expound a bit more on modesty, just to examine my thoughts and the experiences I had while growing up in a culture that placed (and still places) a HUGE emphasis on girls and women dressing modestly. It's one of those topics that I'm having a tough time writing about, simply because I have so much to say and don't know where to start! Can you help me out? I'd love to get your input on this topic. Consider these questions:

What are your opinions on modesty? Do you have firm dividing lines between what clothing is appropriate/inappropriate? Did your family or religion impact how you view this aspect of personal style?

I am sincerely interested in anything and everything you have to say, not just answers to these questions - anything . Share share share, please please please! And be looking for a future post (or two or three?) that tackles this complex subject.


  1. As a christian, growing up in a christian household and attending a christian school, there were certain clothing rules that needed to be followed. One I remember in particular is where you skirts and shorts had to hit no shorter that your middle fingers when your arms are at your side. I have to say, subconsciously, I still follow that rule or at least am very conscious of it if I think my shorts are too short even when they are modest.

  2. Isn't it funny how those rules stick with us, Keri? At various times, I've worked/gone to school in places with dress codes with funny rules like that - skirts/shorts must go past your fingertips, stomach can't show when you lift your arms straight in the air, skirts/dresses must be long enough to cross your legs comfortably. I'm really interested (and, I confess, a little amused) at how different groups will try to define clear defining lines between what's modest and what's not, when everyone's bodies are so unique. I'm not sure there's such a thing as "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to appropriate clothing choices.


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