Sweaty Wednesday 2

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Check it out: Sweaty Wednesday 1

Kyla from Blue Collar Catwalk put out the call for bloggers to share their exercise goals for the year, and the response has been great. My goal was light: to attend at least one Nia class each week. By coincidence, the Nia class I'm attending is held on Wednesdays, so it works out pretty perfectly.

Headband: WinCo grocery store, $3 for pack of 2
Everything else I wore: same as last time

This week's class was more intense and exhausting than the last, but it was great! The clothes I've been wearing definitely have to go, though, because with as much as I'm sweating, multiple layers just aren't practical.

Nia continues to be invigorating and spiritual for me, as well as challenging to my body and very, very fun. The best part of last night's class was the sense of being in a warm environment with other women. As the fervent feminist that I am, I feel strongly about the empowerment that can come into a woman's life when she appreciates her body and sees that appreciation mirrored in other women, almost giving her the vision of something to strive for. It was really special and tender.

That said, don't get the idea that this wasn't serious exercise! We were moving non-stop, and my poor lungs were gasping for breath. I'm not someone who sweats a whole lot, but let me tell you: I was drenched. And it felt excellent. Can't wait for next week!


  1. Thanks for one of the nicest comments! I set a goal for Sweaty Wed. too! (And then proceeded to sit on the couch, terrible!)

  2. GET OFF THE COUCH! WHILE YOU STILL CAN! =) No, on the average day, my bum is more or less glued to the couch. I'm constantly having to re-learn the lesson that I really do get some enjoyment out of being active. Tough to remember when a personal "Gray's Anatomy" marathon has captured my attention. Good luck in achieving your goal, despite the temptation to do otherwise. =)


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