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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My husband completed his bachelor's degree in December, and for the past month, it has been so good to have him home with me (I work from home, and his primary activities were job-hunting and playing Starcraft). Yesterday, the glory days effectively came to an end, as Craig received a job offer and accepted it. I won't say where he's been hired, but you can guess based on the following hints:

If you were moving across the country, and you didn't have a truck of your own, and you wanted to perhaps rent a truck that had fun facts about states and Canadian provinces on the side ... you would call the place where my husband just got hired. Guesses?

In celebration of his employment, and as a bon voyage to our month of sublime laziness, we went and grabbed some yummy burgers at Sammy's here in Provo. Now, I'm not really into food generally and am not one to blog about random meals, but I just had to mention this trip because the burger I ordered was so good. Nothing special about it in terms of ingredients or preparation; it was just high-quality and marvelously fresh-tasting. After this first trip to Sammy's, I'm thinking this might have to become a monthly treat.

Mr. Employed. I'm very proud of him, in large part because he put a bumload of effort into school and, then, job-searching. What a guy.

Mmmm, burgers. And fries too! These were just the basic battered fries - perfection.

Several days ago, Stacey Sargent wrote about self-portraits on her Love and Photographs blog. I really loved what she had to say, and I'd suggest that you go read her thoughts if you haven't already. Favorite part:

I really think we all judge ourselves WAY more than others judge us. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the stretch marks on my thighs, or the ginormous zits still on face at age 25, or that I feel like I haven't accomplished really anything so far in my life, or that I really do swear wayyy to much, or that I'm worthless for some reason or other. And I know that you all probably think the same about yourselves. Isn't it sad? Why do we bash ourselves so freaking much?

So you know what?! I say there is nothing wrong to take a picture of your self, and then think, while viewing it, 'hey... I look kinda cute in this one." (or laugh at the ones that are down right scary) I say we all should take more self portraits and tell ourselves we are cute, and that our hair looks nice, and that are eyes look really blue... because we all need to love ourselves more. Obviously loving ourselves is not all about how we look, but it is a start!

Lovely, Stacey. I totally agree. Stacey's self-portraits are wonderful, and after reading her words, I started to think a little more about what it means when we enjoy pictures of ourselves. The picture above might just be my favorite picture of myself, bar none, and while it feels a little silly somehow, I get a kick out of seeing myself in such a happy and friendly moment, captured as digital history. And let's get real: I was this happy because of my yummy burger. No shame in that.

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  1. I love that picture of you as well! But having just seen the new hair color pictures, I'm totally look so good with both hair colors!


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