I Love My Boots, My Boots and Me!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When I found a pair of white cowboy boots at a thrift store over the holidays, I was psyched. Cowboy boots! White ones! They're fun, and they fit! $10?! I'll take 'em! Cut to a week later, and no matter what outfit I tried to wear these boots with, I ended up feeling like a rodeo queen (which, though I grew up in a farming family and have rodeo-loving relatives galore, is not a style that really works for me). I knew there had to be some chic way to incorporate these lovely gems into my life. But how?

My answer came, as usual, from another style blogger! I was introduced to Love, Ramsey on Monday, and lo and behold, her outfit post for the day included some gorgeous cognac-colored cowboy boots. She looked fantastic (click here and see for yourself). I was inspired to follow in her bootsteps (get it? like footsteps, only with a 'B'?), and taking some initial cues from her look, I decided on this getup.

Earrings: secondhand, $2 (thrifted at Saver's in Orem, Utah)
Scarf: American Eagle Outfitters brand, $10 (purchased at an outlet store, four years ago)
Plaid shirt: Ross, $9
Purple thermal: Old Navy, $5 (on sale)
Black/brown arm warmers: Target, $5 (three years ago)
Brown leather belt: secondhand, $3 (thrifted at Saver's in Orem, Utah)
Jeans: Gap brand, $4 (secondhand from Buffalo Exchange in Las Vegas)
White cowboy boots: Laredo brand, $10 (thrifted at Deseret Industries in St. George, Utah)

Like Ramsey, I used layers and a healthy dose of plaid, but I decided to put the plaid on top rather than underneath. With the addition of arm warmers and the fluffiest scarf I own, I felt downright toasty.

On another note, I think I experienced a style-blogger-rite-of-passage today. Instead of taking pictures inside (like I did on Monday and Tuesday), I worked up the gumption to head outdoors, set up my tripod, and get to work. I tried a few different spots in my yard and neighborhood, and as I sat on my front porch and took the last round of self-portraits, my next-door neighbor (whom I don't know personally) walked past, stopped, watched me for a few seconds, and then laughed as he realized that I was taking pictures of myself for no apparent reason. He LAUGHED! Out loud! No attempt to muffle or hide his intentions. I felt a little goofy; this is the first time I've gotten any reaction while taking outfit pictures, and this particular reaction felt like mockery. Meh, whatever. I got my pictures, and I've evidently outgrown the desire to have strangers think I look cool.

(... The fact that I have a style blog doesn't really support that last conclusion ... but I guess I don't care if you guys think I look cool, either ... okay, maybe.)

I'd like to know (just for my own sick pleasure): have any of you other style bloggers gotten funny looks/other reactions while taking your outfit pictures? Is it any different when you have someone else taking your pictures (a friend, your significant other, etc.)? How do you respond to those awkward moments? Do you prefer to take your pictures inside, for the express purpose of avoiding things like this? Whatever you're thinking, I'd love to get your take.

Afterthought: Seeing as how these particular boots are made for women and being worn by a female, I think I'll call them "cowgirl" boots from now on. 'Cuz, come on, we gotta be accurate about this.


  1. Totally a rite of passage. Taking pics inside makes it easier... but I've had my share of odd looks taking pics on the streets of Manhattan when it is warm enough to do so. Love the white boots-- unexpected and totally chic.
    alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

  2. Haha. I love that he just straight up laughed at you!

    Also - I had no idea you read my blog! Now I'm excited. :) Thanks for your comment about finding joy in the journey! I really appreciated it. I'm jealous that you've already embraced it... It's something I've acknowledged over the years but I really just need to do something about it!

  3. Thanks, Nina! Yeah, I've noticed that you do indoor pictures (which is especially great with your turquoise cabinets). I like the ease of inside, but I also like that I can explore and find new spots when I venture out. Need to find a balance, I suppose.

    Oh, Bon. Yeah - straight-up laughed. A loud guffaw, you might say. =) It actually made ME laugh a little. I think your joy in the journey goal is tremendous, and it always takes work to change our perspective like that, but I can assure you it's worth it! You'll do great.

  4. Cute!!! You are so sweet...love me some vintage cowboy boots. Any boot actually...I pretty much live in them!

  5. SO cute! I love your white boots. I bet you can find a million and one ways to wear those babies. Kudos!


  6. i can't wait to see how you do white cowgirl boots in summer! that makes me excited for warm weather and hippie dresses!
    and i just go for it now with my pictures. i know i look weird and i am usually chasing the timer. so i just deal with it. it makes for more natural smiles too.

  7. "A million and one ways," Lindsay? ... Okay, you're on! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! =)

    Hippie dresses and these boots will be a serious addiction come summertime. Can't wait! =) And I think, despite the occasional weird looks, taking outdoor pictures is preferable. I'll work on being bold enough to stick my tongue out at the strangers who dare laugh at me. Natural smiles, all the way. =) Thanks for stopping by, Heidi!


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