Neon Comfort

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I wanted comfort and color today, and the answer to those requests will ALWAYS be my neon yellow sweater. How neon, you ask? Suffice it to say that I once went to Wal-Mart while wearing this piece, and as I walked through the parking lot in step with an employee collecting shopping carts, I noticed that my neon sweater perfectly matched his reflective safety vest. This neon is not kiddin' around.

Plaid coat: Delia's, $40 (two years ago)
Neon yellow sweater: Norma Kamali brand, $8 (secondhand from Uptown Cheapskate in SLC)
Turquoise & silver necklace: Forever 21, $6
Orange striped shirt: hand-me-down from a friend
Jeggings: gift from my mom (purchased from Ross)
Leather boots: Christmas present from my mom (purchased from Target - available here)


  1. I love the things you write about. I love your red hair (want it actually). Love your trench coat. basically love YOU. so now we are friends. done.

  2. Sophie - I HAVE A NEW FRIEND!!! (confetti, fanfare, streamers everywhere) This is such great news. I wanted to be your friend as soon as I saw that green dress of yours; I was like, "She and I would get along." =) Thanks for saying nice things. If you couldn't tell, my red hair comes from a box, but I'm loving the change. I will probably be a redhead forevermore.


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