Jump Up, Jump Up, & Get Down

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swan earrings: hand-me-down from mom
Aquamarine necklace: gift from mother-in-law
Sapphire necklace: gift from grandma
Lace necklace: local craftswoman, $10
Green coat: Moda International brand, gift from husband
Gray sequined cardigan: Christmas present from mom
Green sweater: Gap brand, $5 (thrifted)
Chartreuse camisole: Downeast Outfitters, $10
Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT brand, $8 (thrifted)
Slip: thrifted, $2
Gray knee-socks: TJ Maxx, $5 for 2-pack
Lace-up boots: vintage Marc Alpert brand, $38 (TimeBombVintage on Etsy)

Brrrrrskies! It was bright out today, but the wind was awful chill. Suffice it to say that Craig had to hold my hands for a loooong time after I got home just to warm up my digits.

One thing I'm loving about taking daily pictures is exploring my neighborhood a bit more. My eyes are more opened now to little spots where I can set up my tripod and get some good shots. Practice will make perfect, I think. Today, I walked a few blocks to this great old Mormon church building here in Provo. So many of the church's buildings are new and identical to one another, so it was fun to poke around a bit on the grounds of this structure from 1952.

This LOFT skirt was a great find at my local Saver's about a year ago. It fits well and looks like it didn't get any use by its previous owner. My only trouble with it is it has this strange way of riding up in the front, sort of folding up between my legs as I walk. The solution, once again, was to use my awesome new slip. No mo' problems! I just get a little more length, a little more confidence (since I'm not worried about an unfortunate indecent scene), and a great little ruffly flounce. What could be better? Answer: nothing. Nothing could be better, in the whole wide world.

(Psst: I try every day to take jumping pictures, and this is the first image that's worked! [Thus the title.] Woo hoo! I'm in the cool kids club now, even if my face and neck do look a little funny.)


  1. This outfit, and your excursions out in the daylight with your tripod are fearless! I wish I had time before sundown to venture outdoors. Whenever I do my photos show it's clearly at night. Love the jumping shot, too! Did you get funny looks or were you in a quiet area. That's the thing about living in a busy urban area...not a lot of places to be silly in public without serious stars and/or heckling. I need to get over my fears and just go for it!


  2. so many different components of this outfit! i especially love the color of your coat! beautiful. i, too, acquired a new slip-showing extender, and it is the light of my life. next to my husband & kiddos. but it's verrrrrry close... :)

  3. That dark green coat of yours is stunning. I'm pretty jealous since all I've wanted for the past few years has been a dark green coat - I just haven't had any luck! I'm loving your last jumping picture as well, it's hilarious! :D

  4. Thanks, Lindsay! Yeah, I love taking my pictures outside, but I'm just lucky enough to have a work situation that allows for that right now. I definitely get funny looks from time to time. There was no one at the church when I was there, but there WAS an older man across the street who was taking out the trash. I wouldn't have been surprised to hear him mutter "Rascally young people ..." under his breath. =) I hope you're able to venture out (with minimal mocking) sometime soon!

    Brittney, I saw your little slip extender! WONDROUS! It's so fun to have that extra kick of pretty.

    Jen, thanks for liking my coat. =) My husband bought in online through Victoria's Secret, but that was about two years ago and they don't carry it anymore. Good luck in your search! (And PS: I'll just pretend "hilarious" is what I was going for in that last picture ... =)


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