Tremendous Day, Part 3: Thrift Store Jubilation

Monday, January 10, 2011

In my day, I have had some luck at thrift stores. I've stumbled upon clothes and shoes so cheap, so lovely, so meant-for-me, and I've taken them home with me, grinning from ear-to-ear. When I see these items in my closet, even months later, there's this little nugget of pride that swells up in my heart: those perfect jeans I scored for $4, the $3 oxford shoes that were buried in a plastic bin outside of Idaho Falls -- I could write a long, long list. This is the stuff I thrive on.

On Saturday, after an uplifting book club meeting and a precious visit to the Krishna Temple, I came across a thrift store in Spanish Fork, Utah. The name? Oh, it's clever. Prepare yourself: Junk In My Trunk (eh-oh!)

Only hours before, I had been talking with a fellow book-club-er about the limited thrift store options in Utah Valley, but maybe today was my lucky day. I went inside and learned that the owners of this little store (two kooky ladies - my favorite kind) were sick of pricing each individual thing. "All the furniture has a price tag, but everything else is a dollar - shoes, purses, dishes, movies, everything. The only exception is that clothes are $5 for all you can stuff in a plastic bag."

You guys, there was loot to be had. LOOT. In my one little plastic bag, I came away with nine items, making them roughly 56 cents apiece. I also got a book, two purses, and some sweet boots. Most everything I bought has been on my "list" - a list of things to look for in secondhand shops, because they're too expensive to buy new or they're hard to come by, etc. It was a lucky, lucky day.

Plaid shirt (shown yesterday as well)

Navy blue pencil skirt (same from yesterday)

Creme pencil skirt (has a nice nubby texture to it - I'm bonkers for this skirt)

Red pencil skirt (just a smidgen too long, but maybe I can learn to use my sewing machine)

Pink A-line button-front skirt (the brand is "College Town," so maybe that's something ... it is indeed very reminiscent of what someone just a little older than my mom would have worn on a bustling university campus)

... I call this one "funky skirt" (it will have to be shortened as well, but it's very fun and swingy)

Brown/white print blouse

Blue/white striped shirt (I noticed a few stains when I got home - bummer. They might come out, though, and even if they don't, I am not above wearing a mildly-stained shirt)

Black and brown Laredo boots (you don't UNDERSTAND. I LOVE THESE BOOTS, and I've been salivating over a few vintage pairs that cost $40-$60. THESE WERE ONE DOLLAR.)

And also, these pants:

These are wonderfully pink pants! And they fit so, so well. And, lest you forget, they were 56 cents.


  1. Love that pink skirt! SO adorable...and I already professed my love love love for your outfit yesterday! Jealous of your awesome finds!

  2. Oh, Ramsey, you sweetheart. =) Yeah, I'm really excited to work with that skirt. It will take some experimentation to get it just right, but I'm up for playing around with clothes.


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