No Pants? No Problem.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hayley from The Cheap Girl in a Chic World gave herself a little challenge and invited her readers to play along. She and a handful of other bloggers (myself included) are going to spend the next week exploring the pants-free side of our wardrobes, embracing skirts and dresses like never before! Ergo, my first outfit of the week, put together especially for a laidback Saturday:

Hat: literally found it on the ground, on UofU campus in Salt Lake City
Denim jacket: Divided brand by H&M, $7 (thrifted yesterday at Deseret Industries in Provo, Utah)
Shell necklace: at a beachside shop, $8 (a few years ago in Cannon Beach, Oregon)
Gray sweater: Gap, $15 (with coupon and on sale)
Camisole: Downeast Outfitters, $10
Floral paisley skirt: Van Heusen brand, $0.56 (thrifted at Junk In My Trunk in Spanish Fork, Utah)
Brown leather boots: Christmas gift from my mom, purchased at Target

Wooden desk: secondhand from D.I., $25 (check out how I fixed the wobbly factor with magazines under one corner - pretty much profesh)

This desk is going to need a lot of love, but the bones are solid, and it will definitely get some good use as I write and teach myself to sew (little nervous about that part ...).

Every now and then, I feel like I just need a break from makeup, and while I'm fine with going au naturel in public, I can see from comparing pictures that it really makes a huge difference! Thank goodness for eyeliner, am I right?

Anyhow, that's day one of the no-pants party. I've got some outfits in mind for the coming week, and fanciness-wise, they're a few steps up from this one. Odds are the other participants will come up with amazing stuff; you can check them out here and read along (I know I will be).


  1. What a great first outfit for No Pants Week! It's very casual chic - like you said, perfect for a laidback Saturday!

    I especially love your skirt and boots!

  2. I am really enjoying seeing all of your super chic and cheap finds. I love a jean jacket. I put mine with just about everything. A great start to No Pants Week! Yay!

  3. Thanks, team! This was an outfit that I LOVED in real-life, but disliked in pictures. I guess that's a new pitfall of blogging that I'll have to adjust to ... but "comfy" in the real world beats out "blah" in a poorly-lit photo, any day. =)


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