My Tights Match My Snow Shovel

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I wanted to wear shoes that were not boots today, to show off my awesome cranberry tights. Alas, new snow and, alas, ice on the ground. I wore boots instead.

Black jacket: Macy's, $22 (on sale and with coupon)
Flannel shirt: thrifted, $0.56 (thrift store in Spanish Fork, Utah)
Necklace: actually two necklaces put together - one from Forever 21 ($6) and the other by American Eagle (purchased at an outlet for $8)
Leather belt: literally found it on the ground (in my hometown of Washington, Utah, many years ago)
Navy blue pencil skirt: thrifted, $0.56 (thrift store in Spanish Fork, Utah)
Cranberry tights: Forever 21, $1.50
Brown boots: Rocketdog brand from Macy's, $35 (on clearance, about two years ago)

You'll notice above that my shirt and my skirt cost 56 cents apiece. That's no type-o, my friend. I struck major thrift store gold yesterday, and I'm still giddy over it. Expect more info tomorrow.


  1. Ha - the title reminds me of that line from American Beauty where Kevin Spacey points out that his wife's clogs match her gardening shears and that it's not a coincidence. :)

    I need to invest in some red tights too. Fun!

  2. Thanks for your comments, and I'm glad somebody noticed that I had Blankets in that coffee table photo. Isn't that an amazing book? The first time I read it I cracked it open at 11 pm thinking I would get through a couple of chapters. Three hours later, I had finished the entire thing.

    You seem like a thrifting girl after my own heart. I just got a purple suede skirt for about seventy-five cents at a consignment store where I had some account credit. Tags still attached, never worn.


  3. This is just too fun. No seriously, your killing me here...and I love it! I was so thinking this just the other day, because thats what I do, I think about clothes in my spare time. And I was so thinking plaid shirt black skirt. Awesome look darling...splendid!

  4. Jan - I've still never seen "American Beauty." Hmm ... Netflix, here I come. As far as the tights: I got them at Forever 21 in October, and while I was worried that cheap tights would mean tights-that-get-runs easily, I haven't had any problems yet. Fingers crossed these will last a long time, because I love the color.

    Feathers - "Blankets" is amazing! I had a very similar experience when I first read it. My roommate's boyfriend loves comics and graphic novels, so he happened to have "Blankets" with him when he came to hang out one night. Three hours of my life later, I was in love with Craig Thompson and wanted to take up drawing. Beautiful, beautiful book. =) And what a score on that suede skirt! Colorful skirts are the bomb, right? And for 75 cents? I love this world.

    Ramsey - Thanks, Ramsey! (let me put on my sarcastic, condescending voice ...) You think about clothes in your spare time??? That's weird. And it's shallow. I can't imagine what that's like. (back to normal voice ...) I THINK ABOUT CLOTHES IN MY SPARE TIME TOO, YO! And the red plaid shirt/pencil skirt combo has been on my list for a long time, so I was so happy to find this shirt. It was fated, I'm sure.

  5. I LOVE your fun tights! I have pink, purple, blue(s), and green! It always makes my outfit more fun! Glad you matched your snow shovel ;)

  6. WOOOOOOO colored tights! I've got white, royal blue, yellow, turquoise, and these cranberry ones. I'm also enamored with patterned tights, but somehow always talk myself out of buying them, so the solid colors are what I live in for now. (And the snow shovel matching was but a happy accident =).


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