Window Shopping at ChloeLovesCharlie and ModCloth

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So, shocking as it may be, I've been thinking a lot about clothes lately. Actually, my intent has been to come up with a plan to improve my wardrobe and define my style a bit more. The 30-day shopping ban that I just embarked on gives me a good chance to investigate different options (since I'm not out buying any options).

Right now, I'm stuck on three words: bold, bright, and special. I might find success using those words as a style guide. Up until now, the contents of my closet have been defined mostly by the words "cheap" and "easy," and while I will always love thrift stores and never think that most of the prices in fashion magazines are even semi-reasonable, I've come around to the idea that some purchases are worth contemplating and investing in. So contemplate I shall.

All of this is a wordy, uppity way of saying: I've been window shopping online. Here's some stuff I'm seriously considering from ChloeLovesCharlie and ModCloth. Gotta keep track of this stuff somehow -- why not share?


the Striped Blazer ($42.00)

the Geo Dot Sweater ($37.00)

the Winter Heat Wave Dress ($67.99)

the Animal Song Dress ($47.99)

the Last Peek of Green Dress (sale: $36.99)


the Whatever Floats Your Feathers Dress ($49.99)

the City Sizzle Dress ($54.99)


the Sweet Rosette Skirt ($36.00)

the Lace Patch Flip Dress ($56.00)

the Art Collector Dress ($69.99)

the Dive Right In Dress ($89.99)

the Undercover Glamour Dress ($59.99)

the Only a Trace Dress (sale: $24.99)

the Op Art Enthusiast Dress (sale: $37.00)


  1. Love these, particularly the Whatever floats your feathers dress. But then it's me and I do love the bright colours.

  2. modcloth is such a tease! i love just about everything they sell, but i can't afford half of it :(

  3. I'm loving the brights and the Sweet Rosette Skirt! I can definitely see a lot of these pieces fitting into your wardrobe perfectly.

  4. Amen, Michelle. I bought something on sale from Modcloth once (didn't think it through enough - total impulse buy), and if I ever do again, it will be a big, pricey decision.


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