30x30: Pretend It's Easter

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Cardigan: Norma Kamali brand (secondhand), $11
Lace tee: secondhand, $4
Skirt: Urban Wear, $25
Boots: vintage Marc Alpert brand (via Etsy), $38

Headband: grocery store, $3 for 6-pack
Necklace: chain from yard sale ($2) and pocketwatch from eBay ($10)
Belt: thrifted, $2
Knee socks: gift from ex-boyfriend (... why did he get me socks?)

W. at The Pretty Life Anonymous pulled out some sheer brilliance today by dressing for the weather she wants. Her bold colorful-ness put me in the mood for some brightness of my own, so I'm dressing like it's Easter. I even went for some robin's egg blue eyeshadow to just make the whole thing pastel-tastic. My overdose of color seemed the perfect complement to today's photo location, which is littered with ... well, litter.

In other news, my husband is mega-sick today and staying home from work. Am I a terrible person for being happy that we get to spend the whole day together, seeing as how it means he feels rotten? Not sure where that falls on the selfishness scale, but it's probably not good. I am going to fix him some yummy, rejuvenating oatmeal, though, so maybe that will make up for it.


  1. I say be happy with what you can get. If he is sick and can stay hope good for you maybe not for him. I do love the bright colors in winter.

  2. Ok it is seriously awesome that you're wearing a pocket watch as a necklace.

    I think any extra day off with your husband is good, even if it is because he's sick :o)

  3. Your outfit is incredible as is the location. Great finds. I love that you didn't spend a fortune on your look, yet it looks so expensive.

  4. Love that cardi girl so super funky!! Also I totally know what you mean I secretly love when hubby is sick so he stays home and we cuddle all day!


  5. That cardigan is so fabulous! You are too cute--sorry your hubs is suck :( But I'm not sorry you got to spend the day together! That's always a treat.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  6. that electric yellow and purple are such a fun combination! i love that necklace with the multi colored beads with the outfit, it looks perfect!

  7. I LOVE that necklace, it's so so pretty!

  8. the skirt and lace here are beautiful together. nothing wrong with seeing the good in things! being happy that he's home doesn't mean you're happy he's sick. when my husband had ACL reconstruction and was home for two weeks, i was happy the dogs had company.

  9. oo i love this outfit! the skirt is adorable. and the lace tee is amazing. i could probably go on and name everything else here, but you know what you wore. no use in repeating it! happy to find you!


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