30x30: ANTM Hangover

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Crocheted top: Chelsea Place brand, hand-me-down
Pinstripe pants: Kohl's, $30
Wedges: Ross, $7

Gold earrings: American Eagle brand (outlet store), $4
Feather earring: half of a pair purchased on Etsy, $9
Metal necklace: local antique shop, $5
Bead necklace: Wal-Mart, $5
Socks: Puma brand (via TJ Maxx), $6 for 3-pack
Blue tongue: courtesy of Jolly Rancher (Blue Raspberry)

I bought red feather earrings for my 2008 wedding (as opposed to the other weddings I've had? No, I've just had the one), and a week and a half ago, one of them broke. But they're my wedding earrings, for pete's sake, so I'm definitely not getting rid of the one functional piece that remains. I threaded it through the chain in this other set of earrings and went for a funky bohemian vibe in the ear region.

So, I've lately discovered one of the prime pitfalls of working from home: watching day-long marathons of "America's Next Top Model," a different cycle every day. It's dangerous in the way that a tube of Pringles is dangerous; you start with just one bite, and before you know it, you're strung out on salt and photo shoot critiques, left feeling greasy all over. But for all the downsides of watching this show for hours on end, at least I discovered the highly vital website ANTM 411 while doing Google searches of past contestants. It helped me decide that my favorite two contestants of all time are:

Joanie Dodds (Cycle 6)


Kahlen Rondot (Cycle 4)

And they were both the runners-up for their seasons. What a conspiracy.

[Honorable mention to Felicia "Fo" Porter (Cycle 12).]

Have you got a favorite? Or are you too good for ANTM and all other Tyra-related programming?


  1. Hey! I love your hair! It's adorable dark. Kinda red, too, huh?
    I love ANTM! Thank heaven for endless reruns. It never gets old, now does it? So happy I am on break next week so I can catch up on my (old) ANTM episodes ;)


  2. Working from home is difficult. I would choose Housewives marathons. My worst addiction!

    And back to fashion -- Love the unexpected pops of color!

  3. Isn't ANTM great? My mom and I used to watch those marathons every weekend, haha.

    Your shoes are so fun! What a neat color combo! And I've said it before but I love that dark red color on you. :)


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