30x30: Matchy-Matchy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Lace tee: Beautifully Modest brand (secondhand), $4
Cardigan: Norma Kamali brand (secondhand), $11
Skirt: thrifted, $0.56
Boots: gift

Headband: can't remember
Necklace: Wal-Mart, $8
Belt: consignment store, $12
Knee socks: TJ Maxx, $5 for 2-pack

Cheery'o, everybody! I felt a little overdressed today, but this is what I wanted to wear, so I went with it. Skirts aren't just for church, right? In my mind, the shirt and skirt were different colors, but it turns out that I was just imagining it and they match perfectly. Happy accident.

This was a jam-packed Saturday. It started out with a date to Einstein's Bagels, a weekly tradition for my husband and me. To sum up: the lemonade was too sour and my bagel was too cold. Blech.

The next chunk was spent at a book club meeting -- so good. You know how it is when you meet people that you think are incredibly cool, and you just really hope they'll think you're cool too? I love that feeling, and it was definitely present today. The four other ladies and one fellow were good to chat with and learn from. Lots of respect and knowledge in that room.

And finally (confetti and fanfare cue), my mom is in town! She came to visit for the weekend, as a pre-birthday treat (I'll turn 24 this Wednesday), and we spent the day driving, shopping, and talk-talk-talking. We never stop once we get going. The slightly tricky thing about today was that I couldn't actually buy anything, considering that I'm only halfway through this self-imposed purchasing ban. A loophole: my mom bought a few (very reasonable) things for me as a birthday present. Don't tell me I was breaking the rules, because I just won't care. I'll look away and pretend I didn't hear you. Like this:


  1. I love you cardigan and that belt is amazing! I think you look awesome :)

  2. I like the matching colors - it makes it look like a dress, which is like a whole new article of clothing in your 30!
    And the yellow with the white is so springy!
    By the way, thanks for entering an idea for EBEW. The top ideas have been posted for a vote...make sure you cast your vote!
    The Auspicious Life

  3. I think if someone else buys you something especially for your birthday then you are okay. By the way I am so loving they way you can style this cardigan and that belt is fantastic! You are not over dressed. You are perfectly dressed for any occasion .


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