LOVE WEEK: Relationship History Playlist

Monday, February 21, 2011

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While I was at home for Christmas, I cleaned out my old bedroom (at the request of my dad) and came across a serious collection of CDs from high school and the early college days. That's the good thing about cleaning one's room: one always comes across a valuable distraction. Reminiscing to music might be the best accidental activity out there. Lots of the reminiscing I did revolved around old relationships, and the idea of the Relationship History Playlist was born.

These are the songs that take me back to the first crushes and the seriously-sucky break-ups. In here, you've got all the good stuff: sappy pop, summer romance, opposites attracting, long-distance love, over-the-top emotion, and - finally - the real thing. In the interest of my ex-boyfriends' privacy, I won't elaborate on what each song means. Make up your own story; pretend this is a movie soundtrack and now you've gotta write the movie to go with it. It'll be a fun exercise, promise.

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What songs remind you of the ones you've loved and lost (or kept)?


  1. Aww this is such a cute idea! "At Last" is one of my favourite songs!

  2. aww, such great songs!! i used to listen to Sister Hazel non-stop!

    cute and little
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