30x30: Oh Deer

Friday, February 11, 2011

30x30 ITEMS
Crocheted shirt: Chelsea Place brand, hand-me-down
Sequin cardigan: gift from mom
Jeans: Guess brand from Buckle, $92
Loafers: Cole Haan brand (thrifted), $2

Earrings: Wal-Mart, $4
Shell necklace: seaside shop, $10
Red/black necklace: consignment shop, $19
Right-hand ring: Kohl's, $15

Can you tell I did my hair today? It normally has two modes (perfectly curly OR frizzy and limp), and the state it's in depends upon how recently I've washed it. My most trusted hair expert friend told me that my hair should only be washed every 2-3 days, seeing as how it's so dry. After sleeping on it for a night or two, it looks sad enough that buns/ponytails are the best option. But today, I tried curling it with a flat iron (check out this super-simple tutorial, if you so desire), and I think it turned out pretty okay! I'm not the handiest with hair-doing, and my locks weren't prepped all that well, but it was definitely an easy improvement. 'Twould be even better for you straight-haired sisters out there.

Let's see, what else to say ... well, these jeans are my most prized possession. They're the most expensive item of clothing (or clothes, or jewelry, etc.) that I've ever purchased and are known between my husband and me as "the nice-butt jeans" (although he claims I have several pairs - what a sweetheart). Can't imagine I'll ever give these babies up, not even when it becomes impossible to squeeze my nice butt into them.

Now that all the hair/clothes/butt talk is over and done with, I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! This picture spot is one I've used a couple of times (here and here), and it's actually this huge backyard of a vacant house for sale in my neighborhood. When I creeped back there today, I found myself face-to-face with seven deer. DEER, I tell you!

(Just a little family picture with the deer.)

Such a sweet little scene to stumble upon. They were suspicious of me, sure, but all eight of us managed to hang out together for ten minutes or so. They got bored after a while and hopped their hineys into someone else's backyard. It was tough to get good pictures, but sometimes I wonder if I'm too caught-up in having picture memories that I forget to really enjoy the moment while I'm living it. I eventually just left the camera behind and chilled with the wildlife.

Fun fact: I come from a long line of farmers, and when I was little, my dad would sometimes bring home abandoned fawns (aka baby deer) that he ran across in the fields. That's the kind of house I had -- baby deer prancing around on the kitchen linoleum and the front lawn. Totally thought it was normal at the time, but now I look back at my childhood (my own childhood!) with jealousy.

(P.S. Check out my hair in this next picture. Total tiger stripes ... if tigers were maroon and orange ... and wouldn't that be a cool world to live in? Maybe it would be best to visit a hairdresser and get this taken care of. Or maybe I should pretend to be a carefree rockstar with crazy hair. Still deciding.)

(I'm imitating the deer's gentle steps.)


  1. Hey there! New reader right here, love you blog and cute style, that cardi you're wearing is amazing, sequins make it look great! Have a lovely weekend dear! xo


  2. You look great and I kinda dig the rockstar look on you :)

  3. I love the gray shingled roof behind you, again, you have managed to find such a cool accessory to an even cooler outfit. You look great. Have roof, will travel!

    Love the wildlife - and your deer impersonation -- spot on! We have a bit of our own wildlife, as we are tucked away in a little canyon oasis with a stream that runs through it, and our backyard. Nature rules!

  4. 1. The hair--I've never tried curling mine using a flatiron. I have naturally curly/wavy hair so I usually use mousse, curl it or straighten it. I'll have to try out that tutorial.

    2. The deer--wow! 7 of them, too! Weren't you scared? Those are big animals. I once almost ran into a fawn while walking around Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It was a baby but it was still big. I probably would've been injured badly if the collision did happen. Haha But they are beautiful, though probably best admired from a little distance.

  5. You are too dang cute! i'm lovin your blog. I'm your newest follower!!


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